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My Other Friend

New York City, New York, United States | MAJOR

New York City, New York, United States | MAJOR
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"My Other Friend"

MY OTHER FRIEND Ottawa Tavern / April 30
The Brooklyn-based art rock trio My Other Friend is pleasantly all over the place, bouncing from vulnerable yearning to confident warmth, resulting in wildly energetic, at times even volatile music . “I can’t remember all the warning signs, of a dimmed-out shotgun suicide,” Andy Simmons bellows in the guitar heavy, synth-driven rocker “Afraid of the Modern Day” off their debut LP Burning Bright Tonight. These guys capture a rare balance of unpredictability and straight-ahead garage power and should not be missed. OT, 1817 Adams St. 419-725-5483.
- Toledo City Paper

"Review"’s their first LP but it sounds as if they’ve been doing this for years, evidenced first by the opening track, “Wedding Day.” It’s a slow burner that escalates from a sweet longing to a full-bore of unrequited yearning, which is a common theme throughout the album. But it works because you feel like they really mean it. The standouts for me are, “I Have Always Thought That You’ve Been Running,” “Collectors,” and “Afraid of the Modern Day,” just because they’re stormers that really get me pumped. A large part of the appeal of this album for me is Andy’s guitar work; it’s full of warmth, subtlety, and urgency. And many of the songs are peppered with Holly’s bright vocals that add a distinct contrast to Andy’s brooding, while Eli’s drumming is fantastically spastic and on-point.
- Short and Sweet NYC

"CMJ 2010"

My Other Friend: We kicked things off with Brooklyn’s own My Other Friend, who played a short, tight set at Spike Hill. The trio’s sound is reminiscent of Wolf Parade, and the sparkly notes courtesy of keyboardist Holly MacGibbon are often dropped like unexpected treats into the already strong music. My Other Friend’s songs are unpredictable enough to keep listeners paying attention, without being so non-intuitive as to be distracting or frustrating.
- Blast

"Burning Bright Tonight"

Brooklyn's My Other Friend just released their debut record, the aptly dubbed, Burning Bright Tonight. With one single loose, "Forty Years," the band offer album burner, "Collectors" up for download. Lost somewhere between an under-wrought Arcade Fire and some of the same troubled sonics that make the current Wolf Parade LP so satisfying, the band have tapped into something raw and powerful, with just enough entropy to excite. - 32ft per Second

"My Other Friend, "The Noise in Our Heads""

My Other Friend's "The Noise in our Heads" is packed with orchestrated boy/girl harmonies and a variety of sounds(pianos, fiddles, trumpets, echo harps, guitars, and synths) coming at us right from their Brooklyn basement (we assume they have one). Their classic bubblegum pop voices on "Anthony" make us want to sing along, and "Demise of the Good Son" can be described as an indie version of the soundtrack from "Grease". There is a wonderfully hypnotic quality to this music. Recommended for fans of Arcade Fire and The Decemberists.
- Carla Cubit - The Deli Magazine

"My Big Track Review Strikes Again. My Other Friend: Demise of the Good Son"

"Demise of the Good Son from Brooklyn's My Other Friend perfectly incorporates the drama of Arcade Fire with the irony of Belle and Sebastian. The 3 minute 50 second track from the The Noise in Our Heads E.P. features some amazingly fractured boy/girl harmonies and an urgent indie rock melody that will have you singing along before the halfway mark."-Christopher, The Hype Machine/My Big Mouth Strikes Again - Hype Machine/My Big Mouth Strikes Again

"Music That Didn't Bore Me: '07"

My Other Friend – The Noise In Our Heads "I suspect that the following image would cause this band to throw up in its collective mouth, but when I listen to their music, I see pretty, hipster-ish girls wearing polka-dot sun dresses and dancing ironically to 50’s pop music. This is not exactly my version of Happy Gilmore’s midget-on-a-tricycle, but it’s close. What I’m getting at is that listening to MOF makes me happy. Despite the fact that some of their songs are genuinely melancholy, and that all of them feature a violin (the culturally agreed-upon symbol for sadness), listening to them makes me happy in the way that watching Empire Records makes girls happy. The only other music that has that effect on me is certain tracks by Yo La Tengo and anything played by the University of Wisconsin marching band. I have a long-held belief (and an even longer argument, which I will spare all of you here) that all worthwhile art is ultimately about pain and loss. I’ve never let the existence of counter-examples convince me that I’m wrong, though, and this album is no exception. I may love it, and the first track may fill me with the urge to watch Grease, but I will never admit that being happy and being right are different things."-Baker -

"My Other Friend @ Luna Lounge"

"... I stopped by Luna Lounge to pay a visit to some friends of mine who are getting started in the wild and wholly Crooklyn music scene. They're band is called My Other Friend and wanted to give them a little shout out here... Now the pressure is on the describe their music. Let's see, they're like The Decemberists as filtered through starry-eyed early-60s pop music. Add in some boy-girl vocals and some wicked piano parts and you get the vibe. As a telling sign of where they are coming from, they did a cover of Buddy Holly's "Ready Teddy" in honor of the 49th anniversary of his final performance. You see, true music snobs know that fact. People after my own heart. By all means, give patronage to my crew and listen to some tracks off their self-released LP, The Noise In Our Heads... If they make a name for themselves, you can say you saw them here first." -

"CMJ: Band of the Week"

My Other Friend
Feb 20, 2009
Story by: Joe Puglisi

The band of the week is a three piece from Brooklyn who like typical things like a whole lot of guitar, synth and noise. However, they play an atypical type of indie rock, where layers of sound coexist with natural sounding melodies. Most sound-heavy art rock tends to wash out vocals with heavy layers and ignore basic chordal structure, but these rockers know how to mix the two for a cocktail that tastes like equal parts Arcade Fire and A Brief Smile. The drama of the tracks match the intricate fabric of noise crafted; the kind of music where you have to crank up the stereo to hear all the juicy details.

My Other Friend is the product of Andy Simmons, Holly MacGibbon, and Eli Luntz. Check out their first EP, The Noise in Our Heads, and keep an eye out for more recorded material later this year. - CMJ

"My Other Friend To Release Debut Album"

Brooklyn based My Other Friend are set to release their debut album Burning Bright Tonight digitally on July 27, 2010. The album was recorded at Marcata Recording in New Paltz, NY. and features production from Kevin McMahon, known for his work with The Walkmen and The French Kicks. It is not one to be missed.

I have been listening to the album preview and it is spectacular. The music found on Burning Bright Tonight is incredibly catchy and emotionally satisfying. The high production values on this album make it a perfect introduction to the band and manages to place them ahead of some more established acts out their today.

Burning Bright Tonight will be released digitally on July 27th, with Summer 2010 tour dates to be announced shortly. - Pop in Stereo

"Other Friends, Other Brightness by Iman Lababedi"

Rock NYC buddy, producer Kevin McMahon, has a knack for getting hard punk rock bands to sound exactly the way they should want to. You can hear it on his somewhat underrated work with Titus Andronicus (though a listen to Feats Of Strength should amplify just how McMahon concentrates their power when he records em) and now, with My Other Friend, a Brooklyn sorta art-rock trio whose first album Burning Bright Tonight is to be released in July, there is a scalding power to these songs zoom lens approach to arrangement and recording.

According to their press kit My Other Friend are comparable to Angels of Light (who?), Sunset Rubdown (who?), and David Lynch movies (which?). I usually don't get press kits so let me see if I can steal some more quotes: "My Other Friend plays dark, well-crafted pop songs with layers of textural melody. Comprised of many movements, their tension-driven music is a unique juxtaposition of atmospheric sounds, anthemic beats and sudden dynamic explosions"

Many movements? Okay. But try this on for size. Imagine Television without Verlaine's guitar… not a bad idea, eh?

My Other Friend are releasing Burning Bright Tonight themselves and it is pretty damn good so buy it and support your local rock group. - rock nyc - pop music live & recorded

"My Other Friend to release new album 7/27"

My Other Friend, a Brooklyn based pop rock band, is gearing up for the release of Burning Bright Tonight due out July 27. The album is lovely, taking on a Sunset Rubdown vibe that keeps with the Brooklyn indie sound of jingly instrumentation, atmospheric vibes, blooming rhythms, and an overall rockin' sound.

The trio have played with Titus Andronicus, Bear Hands, The Beets, and Drink Up Buttercup. The band is comprised of Any Simmons on guitar and vocal, Holly MacGibbons on keyboards and vocals, and Eli Luntz on drums. - Star Beat


Burning Bright Tonight! (2010)



Formed in early 2008, MY OTHER FRIEND has quickly become an addicting part of the Brooklyn music scene. The music is fueled by the reckless abandon of young couple Andy Simmons (guitar/vocals), and Holly MacGibbon (keys/vocals), and their best friend Eli Luntz (percussion). Their undeniable energy has earned them shows with Titus Andronicus, Bear Hands, The Beets, Buke and Gass, and Drink Up Buttercup. The trio has held a place as CMJ's band of the week, and have been called one of New York City's top bands by the Deli Magazine.

In May 2009, after touring the Northeast and Canada, they began working with producer Kevin McMahon (The Walkmen,Titus Andronicus, The French Kicks) of Marcata Recording. This relationship yielded their first full length record, Burning Bright Tonight, which the band will self-release in the Summer of 2010.

My Other Friend plays dark, well-crafted pop songs with layers of textural melody. This tension-driven music is a unique juxtaposition of atmospheric sounds, anthemic beats and sudden dynamic explosions. Burning Bright Tonight captures the heartbeat of the band, subtly fusing the intricacies of their songs with the raw emotion and power of their performances. It is not to be missed.