My Own Devices

My Own Devices


My Own Devices is an aggressive alternative / pop band that delivers soaring melodic vocals over thick driving guitar-based rhythms. The energy and interaction between the band captivates the audience and creates an experience that will not be forgotten.

Other Info

Cover band: 


Thoughts Were The Enemy - 2005

first single - Fantasy World

Radioplay on:
93.3CFMU McMaster radio

Set List

The Typical My Own Devices set lasts around 45 minutes. This is just enough to drag the audience in and leave them wanting more.

The set includes songs off of the 2005 release 'Thoughts were the Enemy' along with new songs the band has currently been writing. Occasionally a cover is thrown in by bands such as Thrice, Failure, or the Deftones.

MOD's sets usually include around 8 songs, depending on the length of the set, and/or the length of the songs themselves.

Example Setlist from Recent Show:

1. Greatest Part
2. Hold Me Together
3. Fantasy World
4. 73
5. When you Move (new)
6. Earth will Shake (thrice)
7. Under my Skin
8. Confessions of a Blank Stare