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"My Own Devices - Thoughts Were The Enemy"

My Own Devices - Thoughts Were The Enemy

Well back to reviewing some music and this time I bring you a very well talented Canadian rock band called "My Own Devices". They bring you their debut full length self album 11 track rock album entitled "Thoughts Were The Enemy". This album is filled with a lot of energy and just by listening to the tracks you can tell but I'll get to that later. What I love about the CD is that the lyrics for each song are printed in the layout so if you want to learn the lyrics and want to sing along, well you can. My Own Devices consists of Chris Steininger on Vocals and Guitar, Dan Flynn on Guitar and Vocals, David Mcgee on Drums, and Matt Saunders on Bass Guitar. According to the band's website, Saunders left the band to pursue different interests and My Own Device have acquired new Bassist by the name of Andrew, I appologize as I do not know his last name. Now onto the best part of the review, the album.

The album kicks off with a very rhythmed track entitled "Fantasy World". Just listening to the intro, it made me want to listen to it. The lyrics are somewhat soft then pick up a notch when we hit in the chorus, Chris just presents a lot of rock energy when he sings in this song, yet alone the whole CD. "Because anything can happen in my fantasy world", when I hear those words and they way he sings them, I just love the rhythm of the guitar and they way Chris picks up his voice. Next we have "Hold me Together", where the song starts off to a soft tone and again soft lyrics, thats what I find this band likes to start off soft and then later in the song pick it up and change the style a bit. If you wanted to say this would be a very good dance song, I would say listen to this song more and more and I guarantee you'll love it. The beat of the song picks up just a bit at the end of the song near the 4:30 mark and it just adds that special transition to the song. Then we move on to the song "73", which has a weird effect intro added before the guitars kick in, not bad I would say. Now in this song is where the band decides to change their style, where Chris picks up his voice a lot comparing to the previous songs, it stays up the whole song. I love the chorus of the song, chris adds that high pitch voice to the song and let me tell you, it brings out energy to the entire song. Now we'll skip a track and move onto my favorite track on the entire album, yes I'm serious, "Under My Skin", has a 10/10 written all over it. Just the way the intro kicks in and Chris starts off right away, I just love the rhythm of the track and it has good taste.

I can go on and on and tell you how much this album rocks and how I would recommend anyone from the Toronto area or anyone from Ontario, or anyone period just to pick up this album and give it a listen, give the band a chance and perhaps one day will be picked up by a major record label, which obviously is every band's dream to accomplish.

Rating: 4/5 - The Music Appraisal


'Thoughts Were the Enemy" (2005)
single - 'Fantasy World'
radio play on 93.3CFMU






Everyone is guided by voices. We hear them in our heads. We fear them, at times. They tell us what to want, who to be, or how to live. Voices are hard to ignore and more difficult to follow.
Chris Steininger is no exception, though his “voice” assumes various forms. It first spoke to him in his hometown of Waterdown, Ontario where at age 17, he aspired to be a recording artist, bought a guitar and started vocal lessons at a local Burlington studio. Within a few months, Chris’ voice showed up in original songs and he began to play local clubs, recreation halls, and campus bars with his band Colonel Chunk.

While a part of the growing local mid-1990s alternative music scene in Hamilton and Burlington, the band caught the attention of several others pursuing the same goal – namely Finger Eleven, now a Platinum-selling modern rock act. Chris and F11 vocalist Scott Anderson formed a positive friendship and working relationship, playing several concerts together. Chris has also performed on bills featuring Treble Charger, Sianspheric and Idle Sons. The band Colonel Chunk went on to release the EP “Laying the Groundwork”, which sold several hundred copies and earned campus radio play.

And still, the voice in Chris’ head persisted, telling him to push for more. Never one to concern himself with sales or popularity, he focused instead on developing his music under the new name My Own Devices. Joining him in this pursuit are Scott Aird on drums, and Andrew Marshall on bass guitar.

Chris describes his band’s unique sound as a musical pool with different elements: from Incubus to Last Days of April. He is most noted for his intense vocal delivery, which recalls the range and passion of Jeff Buckley, as well as the frenzy and fury of Mike Patton. Time and time again, Chris’ listeners have been touched by his songwriting as it takes them on an emotional trip mixed with acceptance and hope. On stage, the bands’ energy draws in their audience with not only their captivating lyrics and music, but also a sense of community and belonging.

Chris is no stranger to playing live as, despite the challenges of personnel changes and full-time jobs, he has played consistently around the Hamilton and Toronto area throughout the past decade. Chris is anticipating a busy year ahead playing and promoting the January 28th 2005 independent release of “Thoughts Were The Enemy”. This is My Own Devices’ first full-length album, which was co-produced and engineered by Justin Koop, known for his production work with Billy Talent, Silverstein, The Black Maria and Finger Eleven.

And still a voice persists, calling Chris to push for more. Its expression may best be captured in the lyrics to the single “Fantasy World” from “Thoughts Were The Enemy”:

“Try to imagine this:
Your passion pays all your bills
One day the hole will be filled
Things will be just as they seem…what a nice little dream