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"Muen Magazine"

Interview w/ MY OWN SIN (Orange Park, FL)
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By: Brittany Todd

MUEN: You all seem like a pretty tight-knit band. How did you all meet?

It's a very long story so we won't bore you with the details. However, I do think we may have broken a record with drummers. We have nailed a 14 drummer switch up in the past 7 years. The 3 original members of the band however, are Phillip (Guitarist), Joe (Bassist) and myself Danie (Vocals). The two "juniors" of the band have been in the band for a couple years, Liz (Keys) and Nate (drums). They have definitely completed this rotten little puzzle. Nate is hopefully a keeper!

MUEN: Out of the 20 years I have been listening to metal, I have not heard anything like your music. It's so original. What has influenced your sound?

We all come from different backgrounds. The one thing that inspires all of us is our surroundings and our fans' lives and issues that they face everyday. The inspirational band list however, is extremely long. To name some: Tool, Slipknot, Mudvayne, Static-x, Skinny Puppy, American HeadCharge, NIN, KMFDM, Ministry, Korn, Manson ... these are some of the top on the list.

MUEN: The lyrics to your songs are also a unique feature you bring to the band, so where did the lyrics come from? Who is the genius behind the pen and paper?

We all write our own parts to the music. So I guess that leaves me being the freak behind the lyric sheets. All of my words have deep meaning even if some of it may come across as moderate.

“Naturally most songwriters have gone through some pretty hard times, and yes I have, and I still do.”

So yes, most of it is about what I've been through. However, some of it is about what I've witnessed other random idiots do. The words are to give strength to the weak who are always taken advantage of with a major dark twist. From what I've seen and felt, the stronger side of people lingers in the dark. This is where I find myself everytime I write.

MUEN: What is your favorite song to perform and why?

We all have our favorites. So I guess you could say all of them for the sake of argument.

MUEN: As a new and upcoming band, what has been SOME OF your biggest challengeS so far?

Getting the word out about us and finding the right path to do so. We believe we have found that path and we're going to take it. Big things are coming up this Fall for us. It's a secret though, of course if I told you, I'd have to kill you.

MUEN: I have been friends with you guys on MySpace for a little over 3 months, and I have seen your music player go from a little over 800 song plays to now over 25,000 plays... how does it feel knowing your songs have become so popular in such a short amount of time?

Really?! It has? Wow.... that's awesome. I guess it's a good thing. Feels goooood.....

MUEN: I noticed you just opened for Disturbed last month. It must have been nerve-wracking playing with one of the most popular nu-metal bands in history! What was it like?

We were one of many openers for the show. It was an honor to play with them along with Bury Your Dead, Spineshank, Lacuna Coil, and more. Disturbed was just the icing on the cake. It wasn't nerve racking however, We play better and become less nervous in front of larger crowds. The more the fans move and freak out, the more we do as well. It's that energy that takes over that makes an awesome show.

MUEN: I've also become aware that you guys are planning on touring around the east coast. What bands are you travelling with and are you guys planning to tour across the country?

Unfortunately, we do not have confirmed info on the East Coast Tour. Yes, we are indeed doing it, but we do not have dates or line ups as of yet. It will be this Fall to promote our first album release. All of the info will be posted on our new website that will be up within a few weeks along with Myspace and We do however, need fans to request us on so we know where they want us to play. We'd prefer to play for our fans, not someone else's. Our fans have been there for us this whole time... obviously the least we could do is come say hi.

MUEN: Since you have already performed with Disturbed, what would be the top 3 bands you guys would want to perform with next?

Let's make it 4: Korn, Tool, Slipknot and Mudvayne. All of these bands are heavy and have that same groove we like oh so much!

MUEN: Now for a random question: I want to know if any of you have any hobbies that someone may think is completely off the wall, crazy or strange.

I don't see any of our hobbies being off the wall. I mean I know we're down from the South and that there's some pretty f**ked up rumors about what goes on here, but, yeh... no... nothing strange. Phillip, Nate and Joe dig the video games, Liz brings pain to everyone through piercings and I am a work-out-holic. We're pretty domesticated. Sorry that wasn't more interesting. Although we do enjoy the occasional drink till you puke, pass out in the pool with all of your clothes on till someone sees you singing and talking to yourself and makes the effort of getting you out before you drown type deal. And no, this wasn't me. I prefer to jump in the pool with my clothes off.

MUEN: If people want to buy your music, where can they go to get it?

Our EP "Identity" is currently available on Rhapsody, iTunes Our upcoming album is set to be available in Best Buy and Hot Topic along with other merchandise in Hot Topic. Check us out on and very soon on our new website

- Muen

"VM Underground Show"

The Vm Underground Show
Vic Mendoza’s My Own Sin Band Review.

After many years of being in the independent music scene as a musician/self producer and ex online e-zine interviewer we have followed Florida’s based My Own Sin for some time. In the past I really loved the extreme vibe and emotional content that they provide in their music and had to get behind the scenes with this unit. The VMU followed the group since 2004 and every year they have progressed so professionally musically. DJ Rages owner of WFLM Radio has actually seen the group live and told me about their awesome stage performance. After hearing the news VM kept following the band for more updates. When VMU became a syndicated internet radio show www. v-m-u. com much MOS fans have requested songs for airplay in 2004-06. Their music progression has grown and matured so much in the past years and of course with some new line up changes the band kept getting better and better. After receiving the new 2008 demo I was really blown away by Dani’s vocals and the maturity of the guitars and the remake of Hellmouth 2008. My Own Sin has been on rotation on the VMU show for the past 4 years and getting much attention on my show and will keep promoting them online.

My Own Sin is a must hear in this day of age of crappy, trendy, I can’t think for myself unless I get a good producer bands that need more originality! Believe me I interviewed half the planet! Don’t believe me check my site!

The VM Underground Show
Vic Mendoza
www. v-m-u. com
www. myspace. com/vmunderground
www. vmunderground. podomatic. com
www. wflmradio. podomatic. com
www. vmunderground2. podomatic. com

- Vic Mendoza


FADE TO BLACK One day in Hell, dark industrial shook hands with spooky metal. The resulting din sounded something like My Own Sin. Don't let the female vocalist fool you: Danie Ross holds her own, weaving haunting, minor-scale melodies one minute, screaming like a banshee the next. My Own Sin appears on Saturday, Aug. 12th at Jack Rabbits, 1528 Hendricks Ave., Jacksonville. Adrift and Pontius Pilate also perform. Doors open at 8:30 p.m. 398-7296. - Folio Weekly


EP "Identity" 2008, streaming on Myspace, Vampire Freaks, Clear, Krush Radio, VM Underground, Dark Cloud Radio, and many more!

With currently signing a deal with A&R Select, finishing up in the studio with their first full length album and filming there first single release music video for their title track "Grey" , My Own Sin will be going on tour this Fall along the entire East Coast of the U.S. The video will be featured on MTV2, the Fuse and many more music stations.



My Own Sin is an unusual sonic blend of emotional turbulence and keen musicianship. The band was formed in 2003 by vocalist Danie Ross and lead guitarist Phillip Ross. The band‘s initial sound blended the classical and modern creating a dichotomy that has made them acclaimed all over the world. Being an alternative metal band from a very conservative North East Florida region, My Own Sin drew inspiration for their music from their daily lives. As with most bands solidifying the lineup was a long process of trial and error. The virtuoso bassist Joe Kemplin was one of the first pieces of the puzzle to come into place. With the addition of keyboardist Liz Baker and drummer Nate Palmer, the band had found their missing entities. Though local success was instant, opening up for groups like Cruxshadows and Bile early on in their career, the band struck chords overseas. Street teams sprung up worldwide via the internet. In 2005, the band received two Hard Music Awards. They crushed the competition, which included many signed national acts. Their path to the present continued with many more slots with national acts such as Bloodsimple and Soulfly. The band’s music is multilayered mix of aggressive metal guitars, somber keyboards, grooved laden rhythms and pristine vocals that erupt at moment’s notice into throaty screams has set them apart from many of their peers. My Own Sin’s debut EP “Identity” is the long awaited culmination of years of hard work. From the dynamic opener “Drain” to the cryptic “Numb”, the release showcases their many influences from Cecelia Bartoli and Bach to the Deftones and Slipknot. It may sound farfetched but, as they say, you have to hear it to believe it.

My Own Sin will be releasing their first full length album in stores Fall 2009, along with their music video for their single "Grey" which will be aired on the Fuse and MTV2.

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