My Penis

My Penis


velocity driven rock with stage and theatre antics represented. Characters portrayed in a political and humorous subtext. Music that surrounds adult themes, current events, social relevance, relationships, and general stupidity among everyday people. like us.


Worked and recorded with three-time Grammy nominee Frank Stepanek (Black Uhuru). Core members formed the band in 2001 while working together in production at an outdoor 20,000 seat amphitheater, realizing that if they could prep, set and tear down touring acts from around the globe, they could certainly do it for themselves. Name came from a suggestion from a teenager working on site.


Insert, 2002
EP- Bull/Shattered, 2003
Spinnin' Season Vol.2 Compilation release, 2006
Bloody, June, 2008

Set List

Average of 14 songs in a 40 minute set, minimal stage banter, constant barrage of velocity driven stage antics and music.