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An LA duo with a knack for highly compelling tracks... – DIY NEU

When you step into the world of L.A. duo MYPET, you're immediately aware how macabre they would have you believe. Their official website lures you into their last single, 'Pays To Know', released last year with Luv Luv Luv Records – a hypersensitive and lurid landscape, with Amy Kuney breathing “I've got you where I want you” over gloomy synths, which are complemented by images of the sublime. Such is the refrain of their chorus, and it's the same foreboding presence that is continued with new single 'Bodysnatcher'.

All the hallmarks of big-budget production are visible when you watch 'Bodysnatcher'. The duo traverse a technicolour terrain, trapped by a dark and insistent beat that afflicts the track with a nightmarish rhythm. Their focus on the aesthetics of the sublime produces both moments of awe and moments of horror (all relating to your imagination, of course) and it's this duality that makes their music so intriguing. At the video's conclusion, the pair are consumed by a unidentifiable and alien object, continuing the imagery of entrapment that the venus fly traps in 'Pays to Know' provides.

Of course, hugely produced/styled videos don't always guarantee success, but with their artistic principles, their slightly provocative demeanour and their highly compelling tracks, MYPET appear to be a recipe for global acclaim.

New Music: MYPET- Pays to Know – VULTURE HOUND

Reeking with dark sexual undertones, Pays to Know provides a nuanced sound inducing lustful thoughts to drink and smoke to; echoing that of The Kills, Sleigh Bells and the more lo-fi Massive Attack. Amy’s sultry yet wraithlike whisky soaked vocals channel contemporaries Alison Mosshart and even Portishead’s Beth Gibbons. Ray’s lo key yet melodic synths, and brooding bassline ebb and flo neither climaxing nor diminishing, following the throbbing heartbeat of drums and Amy’s seductive yet menacing vocals. The predator/prey seductive melancholia surrounding Pays to Know has caught the attention of not only industry eyebrows, but that of the masses, who are already thirsty for further tracks to materialize.


Having recently announced the release of their debut single through
uber-cool label Luv Luv Luv, LA duo MYPET have dropped a stream of the aforementioned track. Pays To Know is a funky jam, centered around the seductive vocals and sensual bass line, a sure fire indie blog hit. It may well be their first outing, but it’s already clear to see exactly what LLL have seen in MYPET.

Premiere: MYPET – Pays To Know – THE MAROON CAFE

LA duo MYPET (Amy & Ray) have surfaced their debut single “Pays To
Know” and it’s quite the first entry! A sexy, sultry electronic jam
that clearly demands your attention. This could be massive in the
weeks to come, we’re just glad to be the ones to tip you off.


Driven by a rhythm beaten out on (or at least sampled from) a hi-hat
that sounds like it’s coming close to the end of its life, with a
winding bassline and occasional interjections from beefy but
understated synths, Amy’s vocals are draped over the top. “I’ve got
you were I want you”, she insists. And as where I am is sitting here
playing the one song of hers that I can find to listen to, I guess she
probably has.

MYPET: "Pays To Know" Video Premiere – NOISEY/VICE

LA duo MYPET aka. Amy and Ray, have had an impressive response to debut first single "Pays To Know". A catchy as shit track, filled with
a generous helping of belly-vibrating synths and sultry vocals. It's a
pretty sexy affair all round.