Myr is Enlightening Dance Music (EDM). The Music of Myr is composed of Delicious Rhythms, Entrancing Instrumentals, Epic Guitars, Mind-Expanding Layers, all under the perfect package of Spoken Words from Luminaries of our time!


"What is music, if not an expression of one's perspective on the state of society, the world, and life in general? The works produced by Myr are true zeitgeists—spirits of the times—that describe the state of the world as Myr sees it. You'll hear sampled historical phrases from the mouths of Martin Luther King, Jr., Ghandi, and other important luminaries interwoven with breakbeat sounds, synth lines, and manipulated instrumentals. You may not agree with the songs' political standpoints, but you'll at least think about what you're hearing."

Review left by Tracy Katz
Electronic Musician Magazine


What Once Was... (2008)

Set List

Myr can play an hour+ set consisting of the following medleys:

Within Our Grasp 7+ Minutes
Of Truth and Love 6+ Minutes
Gamut of Life 6+ Minutes
One Course 7+ Minutes
The Moral Climate 8+ Minutes
This Difficult Hour 7+ Minutes