My Revolver

My Revolver


Blood and sweat, heart and soul...rock and roll.


My Revolver has been working San Francisco for years now with an onslaught of amazing shows at local venues like: Slims, The Independent, Bottom of the Hill, 12 Galaxies, Café Du Nord, The Hemlock Tavern, Thee Parkside, The Hotel Utah, and many more. Through self releasing a self titled debut album, doing interviews at local radio stations KUSF 90.3 FM and 107.7 The Bone, and successfully self booking and touring the entire U.S. for two months last summer, My Revolver has now gained a lot of momentum and played with a diverse range of amazing bands including: Two Gallants, Stockholm Syndrome, Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears, Jerry Joseph, Trainwreck Riders, The Sharpies, Triple Cobra, Supagroup, and The Bad Hand.

My Revolver has become characterized by live shows so raw, so boundless in energy, so loud and powerful, yet so permeated by sincerity and a genuine passion for music and performance that there is really no adequate comparison for the experience the band creates. A wide appreciation for all types of music, rises and falls in energy and sound, soulful melodies and howling screams, these are becoming My Revolver’s calling cards. The dynamics reach deep into the guitars with one guitar sound deeply rooted in traditional rock and country blues (William John Patrick Riordan III) and the other guitar rooted in metal and soaked in an array of effects (Ian McCarten), the overall guitar sound has evolved into something very full and extremely unique. The guitars trade leads, playing back and forth over a heavy, driving rhythm section (Adam Sandoval-drums, Carlos Zerzan-bass) built on breakdowns, builds, unique changes and thoughtful phrases. Of course no worthwhile rock and roll band would be complete without a charismatic frontman, and My Revolver delivers in the form of lead vocalist Mark Joseph. He works the stage like an animal, singing straight from the soul and screaming with primal energy. Riding the rhythm on tambourine, or howling on the blues harp, he makes the package complete. My Revolver exists as both a celebration of everything rock and roll has been and as a confident voice in the new direction rock and roll is heading.


Leslie, Get Your Pistol

Written By: My Revolver

I beg your pardon mister
Hey Leslie, get your pistol
I know the man says he's got our back,
but he's got a smokin' barrel as a matter of fact.

N.Y.C. cops are comin'
Two days in jail for doin' nothing
I know its easy to lay down in defeat,
but save your last shot cuz its us on the streets.

Hey Leslie, get your pistol! (x4)

The World Outside

Written By: My Revolver

The world outside my window seems so strange,
Oh, and the girl by my side wishes I would change.
The wind blows for her, changin' with her mood,
and the fog comes for me, naked on the roof.

There's a world outside,
but it ain't for me to see.
I've been locked inside my mind so long,
gave some pretty girl the key...

I know all you people walkin' on down your streets,
wearin' all your souls on the bottoms of your feet.

There's a world outside,
but it ain't for me to see.
I've been locked inside this mind so long,
somebody told me I was free...
ya right.

There's a world outside.
Oh no no no no NO NO NOoohno...


Written By: My Revolver

Shadow eyes,
black hair.
Can't hide the fact there's no love behind that vacant stare.
Razor heart,
pointed shoes.
The girls spend all night dancin' off them cocaine blues.

There's no need to talk,
just shut your pretty mouth.
No need for words at all,
you know what I'm talkin' about.

Greased hair,
leather boots.
The boys out on the scene so sure they know just what to do.
Records spinnin',
Oh, really honey, it don't matter we just met.

*(repeat chorus)

Dance little children, move for me.
Tonight little babies, won't ya , won't ya, move for me...just for me, just for.....and you's born to the dark, dark night...with your sunglasses on, full pack of smokes in your back pocket. Ya, you just an image, ya, you just an image to me... ain't nothin' to me.


Written By: Mark Joseph

This lust has rusted to orange love,
and its a must girl...that I'm the man you're dreamin of.
Don't you, don't you cry..
when I say,
you learn to trust girl
or I pack my bags.
You shed a tear girl,
and I take another drag.
Don't you, don't you cry..

I don't need none of this.
And then you come over, walk straight through my front door,
lay your head down on the bed that I made.
Whats a man to do?
I gotta feel my way..
and I can't feel it no more.
feel it no more, oh no.

Don't you, don't you cry.


*2008 demo
*2007 MY REVOLVER self titled debut album (out now on FuckYeah! records)
*2005 ep
*2003 demo

Set List

sets change to fit the bill, always full of raw energy, sets can be from 45 min. to 2 hours.