Myrna Rae Booth, Vocalist, Myrna Rae Booth Writer

Myrna Rae Booth, Vocalist, Myrna Rae Booth Writer


I use a Demo artist, have no band right now do use them once in awhile. I'm mainly now doing the writing & helping with the melody or tune. Have really slowed down from several years ago. But I still have ideas for songs so keep working. Band is not what I need right now. I do songs for other people.

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Paper Sack

Written By: Myrna Rae Booth

Paper Sack

V1. Had a new car, and home all I needed;
Good job, kids who loved me, then I cheated.
Met this pretty face that tempted me on;
Paper Sack full of clothes on the lawn, I had to be gone.

V2. For a day or two had a high old time being free;
Didn’t miss being thrown out, till my conscience got to me.
Then I realized what I’d just given up;
Realized my fling, and paper sack just wasn’t enough.


V3. Stepped up to my former home, head bowed;
Asked my lovely wife, is coming back allowed.
She looked, and said, do you really want to come back;
I almost broke the door down, taking in my paper sack.

That paper sack made me learn not to have a roving eye;
Cause my happy home gives me the will to survive.
Gonna be straight as an arrow, from now on;
My days living out of a paper sack are gone.

TAG: Believe me a paper sack is no fun.