My Second Chance

My Second Chance


My Second Chance mixes guitar-driven rock and catchy vocal hooks with energetic personalities to create nothing short of a wild, stage-show-driven concert experience.


Fans describe My Second Chance as “a force to be reckoned with,” mixing energetic music with catchy hooks and stunning stage presence - similar to Emery, The Used and Relient K.

CHARGING FORWARD into 2008 with their newest EP release, "Upgrade" - My Second Chance (a five piece rock band from Coalinga, CA) continues to impress audiences with their unique style and stunning live show. Their new EP, recorded & produced by Kyle Mitchell & Kyle Ziegler of Kutless fame, features a creative blend of guitar driven melodies and vocal hooks that is sure to have listeners singing along within minutes.

After culturing a strong fan base on the West Coast through extensive touring and promotion, MSC is now expanding into the national market. The band has garnered radio support from multiple independent stations (Renegade Radio in NV, Revolution Generation in TN), and has made on-air appearances with several other broadcasts (TBN TV, CrossRock TV, EZRAWeb, PariahPro, etc.).

In 2007, MSC made their 3rd appearance at “Spirit West Coast” along side such industry giants as Switchfoot, Emery and Relient K. Their appearance at SWC-Monterey was the highest attended performance during the entire festival on the Tooth and Nail stage. At SWC-Del Mar, their appearance was the highest attended performance of the day on the Effect Radio stage. They’ve been invited to both festivals for 2008, appearing on the Alternative Main-Stage at each festival.

“Growing up together has really kept us close-knit and accountable. We were all friends before the band was ever a part of our lives. Now it just makes us that much closer...sometimes not by choice.” Says the band with a laugh. “We use our music as an excuse to let people know they are loved. Its our main calling, and we maintain that on and off stage.”

MSC has earned respect and reputation through hard work and relentless dedication, regardless of the task at hand. This attitude continues to drive their career forward.

Other festival appearances by MSC include:

“Rock the Park"
With: P.O.D, Emery, PAX 217, etc.

"Golden State Festival"
With: Audio Adrenaline, Hawk Nelson, etc.

"Stand & Be Counted" (3rd year Main-Stage)
With: Mercy Me, The Afters, etc.

"Joshua Fest" (3rd year Main-Stage)
With: MXPX, Red, etc.

MSC has opened for:

Family Force 5, Dizmas, Project 86, Chasing Victory, Showbread, The Fold, Number One Gun, Tokyo Rose, and many others!

Mission Statement:
Our goal is simple: we want people to know what we stand for. We aren’t out to crusade our beliefs upon others, we aren’t out to ridicule what people do or do not believe in, and we aren’t out to fulfill our egos. We want everyone to know that Jesus loves them. If someone isn’t comfortable talking about God, that’s fine, we can talk about other things. But no one will leave a show without knowing that there is unconditional love for them. Our music is our excuse to reach out to the kids that normally wouldn’t listen, and we will use it with love and dedication as we are guided to.


Make it Right

Written By: My Second Chance

We’re taking it easy this time
Nothings ever filled my mind
With just one way to make things right
You’re keeping your eyes on me and I’m
I’m keeping it totally for you
For you

Oh, I’m taking all my problems
And my troubles I can’t use
And I’m giving them to you
Oh, you’re there for me
And I can see above all that I do
The one thing that we knew
I need you

We’re making it easy this time
We’ll break it down until its right
And we can leave this world behind
I’m keeping my heart exposed so I
So I can’t hide behind these clothes from you
I won’t hide from you


You are taking over
Swallow my mind
Break it down, put the pieces back
You give me what I’m after
I’ll bring it back to you
Break it down and we’ll put it back
Let’s go, let’s get it faster
I’m running back to you


American Heartthrob

Written By: My Second Chance

We take a walk, one, two
To this new perfume
And it smells so nice

You got your head held high
And you’re counting time
You can't think twice
This thing’s about to take off

Hey, get up, get up, get closer
(Get up, get up)
I'm not an outlaw, I just know how to choose
(And baby I choose you)
Hey, get up, get up, get closer
(Get up, get up)
Its your reaction to these actions that make it move

We shake it up, one, two
And I’ll follow you
Tell it feels just right

You got your head held high
And we’re keeping time
Now it feels right


Step one, two three
As you follow me


Don’t let them take you away

The Last Stand

Written By: My Second Chance

I’m torn apart inside because I know you’re right
Can you blame me, can you blame me
The air is thick tonight; it used to be so light
Would you choose, nobody move

Put your hearts on the floor please
We’re here to steal more than vanity
This is for the best, you have to understand
Its not you we wanted but we had to have a plan
This place is counting down

Don’t make a sound, don’t you make anything
All we want is all you have, we’re taking everything
They need to know, we had to show them
It’s better off this way
This place will haunt you
This place will change you

The truth is locked inside this box now
I’ve thrown away the key
Hold it close for one last taste
Now it’s a memory
If you want inside this door, you better hit it fast
Take off the safety
Because this is our last stand and we’ll hold it with all we have


We will haunt you

Lock and Load

Written By: My Second Chance

We were better off dead than stuck in safety
You could replace me
But I’d rather be on my own
I said alone
I said alone

I’ve finally found my home, and I know

It follows where I go
You should have known
That I was never alone
And I won’t, I won’t let go

Would it be any better if I said that I never even cared so much
It can’t compare
When dreams that you have are just lost in the past
You never have

I’ve finally found my home, and I know


I can’t let go
You should have known
Some things were meant to show
I’ll never let this go
You should have known
That I was never alone
And I won’t, I won’t let go


Second Chance EP (December 2004)
Self-Titled LP (September 2005)
Industry EP Demo (September 2006)
Upgrade EP* (May 2007)
Make it Right Single** (December 2007)

(*) - Produced by former Kutless members Kyle Mitchell and Kyle Zeigler.
(**) - Produced by Andrew Woody @ The Greenlight Firm.

Set List

My Second Chance performs a 50 minute set. Sets are flexible, and can be shorter if needed.