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""picturesque lyrics""

Rise Music Magazine
Mysha Caruso, a New England native, blends Folk, Celtic, Americana and Appalachian sounds to create his own unique brand of music. With plucky guitar, mandolin and strings reminiscent of Nickel Creek, smiling vocals and picturesque lyrics, Where We Belong takes the listener to a calm, serene place. Mysha's songs are full of imagery, one can tell just by listening that this is an artist truly enamored with nature and the environment. He sings of mountains, islands and tropical forests. One can picture Mysha paddling his boat from island to island with his guitar beside him, as on "Empty Boat" - "I returned here to pay my dues, but now I'm drifting away with soggy shoes..." Oddly enough, Mysha's vocals sound a bit like what would happen if Ani DiFranco died and came back as her polar opposite- a mellow, slow to anger, male folk singer. This is especially evident on"Back To You" the 4th song on the album. This album would do well played in a campfire setting, or perhaps even during mediatation after a yoga class. It is no wonder that Mysha has recorded songs used in a yoga DVD - his music is perfect for those times when one needs to be still, calm and visualize peaceful settings. Where We Belong is available to order online from
-Andi Agnew
Rise Music Magazine - Rise Music Magazine

"" an experience you will remember..""

“...something special happened ,call it 21st century folk; call it whatever you want. Kites & Crows is creating incredibly wild and original folk sounds.... set with brilliant nuance and subtle conviction. an experience you will remember. a pleasure to listen to,..” Rating: 4 Stars (Out of 5) - Wildy’s World - Wildy's World - music blog

"" a Gem!""

" "Call it whatever you want: americana, folk, roots…it doesn’t matter. The tunes are as inviting and comfortable as a fleece vest and Birkenstock sandals or a cuppa coffee and croissant with jam. This is music for your soul. K&C describe their music as boat ride, at night, with some wine, a dripping candle. I think of it as a late night conversation with a good friend who has some stories to tell. You can wrap these songs around yourself in order to keep warm. There’s no pretentiousness here. No effort by the musicians to establish whatever street cred that most others feel they need. These songs are about life as seen by a discerning, deep-seeing writer. The production of this music is a masterpiece of clever acoustic arranging although the result exhibits a light touch. Even though the packaging is bare bones, the music is professionally recorded with care given to bringing out all the instruments. Summary: A gem. Buy this and amaze your friends. This one goes on my shelf."" - Jeremiah Sutherland - Bull Frog Music

""his poetic imagery is vivid""

Mysha's music is

"both cryptic and mystic"

"His poetic imagry is vivid"
"with lyrics that are both earthy and spiritual," and express a "Druidical revevrence for Nature."
"Mysha is one of those musicians that you have to listen closely to truely appreciate what he is doing. His music is mostly pastoral and poetic, mid-tempo. His voice is a somewhat breathy baritone, a little light in the lower register, but well rounded tonally and pleasing. While Mysha is a classically trained vocalist, he eschews any pretense of the operatic, although he sings on key and is at times dramatic in a folksier vein."
" one song where Mysha's classical vocal training shines through is "Elegant Navigation". His upper register soars clearly in a beautifully controlled vibrato"
-John Burnett-ISLAND BEAT
Hawaii Island Journal


Mysha Caruso - WEATHERVANE (2007)
solo indie / folk album
Kites & Crows - Lifeboat ep ( 2008)
One Horse Shy - self titled ( 2008)
Mysha Caruso 2006 release, Where We Belong...
original , folk, bluegrass tunes

June 2004 release..." A Bright Beckoning"
a studio project reflecting traditional music with
original Celtic-Folk tunes and poetic ballads...
featured as a soundtrack to Dreamtime Yoga film



singer/songwriter Mysha Caruso is fulfilling a fresh sound in the traditions of Americana and Folk music with the compelling theatrical emotions of his solo performances, with his indie folk band project
kites & crows
and as bassist for roots country band ONE HORSE SHY

Originating in North Carolina , Mysha attended the Walnut Hill School of the Performing Arts where he began weaving his poetry with music and theatre. While he performed extensively in the theatre , it was not untill he initiated his song with the influences of Americana, Appalachian, Celtic, Folk and singer-songwriters of these traditions when he found his sturdy stance in his craft, ,
a compass
that directs his artistic expansion on a generously sincere journey.

Mysha now works at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival where he is a stagehand
and has composed original soundtrack music for several theatrical performances at OREGON STAGE WORKS.