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The best kept secret in music


"The Unsigned"

All The Rage Magazine
“Why dont they have a Record deal… yet?

May 03, 2007

The Unsigned

Yes, this is Music City. That means that on almost every street there lives at least one aspiring artist, musician, producer or songwriter who's looking to become the next big thing.

It takes a lot more than talent to make that happen. You need management, booking, publicity, a budget — oh, and a record deal would be nice.

The six acts we feature this week would definitely like to hear their songs on the radio and see their videos on MTV someday, but not at the risk of their creative integrity. The way these artists see it, making the music they love while waiting for the label that will support that loyalty is worth its weight in gold records.
In the meantime, they don't mind representing the independent music scene. Just ask any local fans or MySpace friends about the potential of these performers. They'll tell you that if the world doesn't know about the artists yet, it's the world's loss. These guys (and gal) can give Billboard artists a run for their money and fame any day — even with just a demo.

A major label artist she admires:
''Norah Jones. She doesn't try to be fancy. She lets the music speak for her, and her music is pure and real. Her voice is incredible, and her delivery is effortless.''

An indie/unsigned artist she admires:
''Eric Roberson is very creative. There's something about the way he sings that makes you believe that he would not change a thing whether he was a millionaire or a poor man. His music is complete.''

Which artist has given you the best advice?
''Shannon Sanders (told me that) everything happens in its time. When preparation meets opportunity, that's when success is not very far from you. You just have to make sure you are prepared for when that opportunity knocks.''

Myshel always enjoyed singing, but it wasn't until she graduated from college that she committed to the life of being an artist. It has led her on an interesting path, to say the least. ''When you decide to be an artist, no one tells you how to find yourself, your voice,'' she says. ''It's very easy to pick someone and imitate them, but if you want to do you, that is a journey.''

As a singer who describes her music as ''sometimes R&B, sometimes pop, soul or alternative,'' Myshel says that not wanting to be put in a box is sometimes her greatest challenge. She spent a considerable amount of time touring as a background singer for R&B artist Tamia and she's been offered several record deals, but it hasn't been easy finding the right fit for what she wants to do. ''I've turned down a couple of deals that only wanted to put me in Christian record stores. Being a gospel artist is not where my heart is,'' she says. ''My heart is for (people who are hurting), period. Anyone who feels they are unworthy or are so broken that they can't find healing, I want to sing their songs. Those people are not always going to be in the Christian music section of a Christian store.''

Myshel says her most ideal situation would be linking up with a strong independent record label with solid distribution. ''A lot of people assume that artists want deals so that they can fall into the same traps that lots of commercialized artists do,'' she says. ''I want to use it as a channel to reach as many people as possible, but not at the expense of my integrity.''

Myshel is working on her debut LP, with the freedom of doing music on her own terms and the faith that a label will reach out and respect it. ''I have a lot of people who believe in me and that's a good feeling to have at the times when I'm not sure if anything will break,'' she says.

- All the Rage May 07


Still working on that hot first release.


Feeling a bit camera shy


"Who is She?"

A musical force to reckon with, Myshel burst on the scene with a bold, original style that breathes new life into the genre of soul music. Just listen, and feel the melodic sounds and edgy lyrics reach deep into your soul and stir up a mix of emotions. Her unforgettable face, explosive live performances, and deep, sultry voice grab the attention of every audience. But it's her message that captivates them. "I'm the voice for those who are too afraid to speak," she explains. Myshel sings the words so many listeners long to say. From broken relationships and everyday challenges, to sexual abuse and self-esteem issues, she confronts the silent struggles that scar people's lives... even her own. Myshel's luminous songs shed new light on the buried pain and untold secrets weighing people down. "It touches people because it speaks truth. It speaks of things people think they experience alone."

Keep listening, and you'll find this is not just another bunch of sad songs, or messages that lack life giving principles, but a wave of healing, love, and hope floods every piece of music. Myshel will begin a song seeking to identify with the listener heart, by the end of the song, shell take them by the hand and leads them to a safe place. " I realize that my instrument of service is my voice so when I sing, I aim it at the hearts of every listener and pray it will encourage, empower, and heal broken places.

Myshel made her debut as a singer at the tender age of seven. Today she has emerged as a multi-dimensional artist, having penned dozens of insightful songs designed to move you. "Music is a beautiful gift, but it must be used wisely," reveals the Kentucky native. "Music is too powerful. It has to say something and speak life." A life filled with culture carried her on travels abroad with her missionary father, and Ghanaian mother. She has graced the stage, singing in countries such as Trinidad & Tobago, El Salvador, Venezuela, Johannesburg, and Ghana.

She's worn several crowns--not for the glamour--but to inspire thousands of women to look beyond the surface and see a radiant queen inside themselves. Myshel reigned as Miss Tennessee State University 1999-2000 and in that same year, she received the title of Miss National Alumni Hall of Fame after competing against queens form the nations top historically Black Universities and colleges.

Recently, Myshel has toured as a background singer for Kelly Price, Tamia and American Idol's Mandisa Hundley.

The toughest times in life have only made Myshel stronger. She admits, "The journey's been pretty crazy, but you have to keep on moving." In her newest song, "Keep Moving," she encourages anyone who's ever had a dream to never give up. One thing I have learned is that my life is not about me, but how I affect those around me and what mark I leave when Im gone. Singing and performing is not just what I do, its who I am, its how I communicate to the World. Through music I will fulfill my reason for breathing. Myshel has not only been blessed with the gift of music, but also the gift of art. My paintings work the same way the music does, I am creating a story of how I feel and what I want to share with the viewer., but this time through colors, shades, and brush strokes.
No matter on song sheets or on a canvas, Myshel creates from the soul. The music world eagerly awaits the rich, colorful sounds of Myshel. The stage is set. The curtain is up. And into the spotlight steps an illustrious, gifted, musical gem. Her electrifying lyrics echo truth, and spark untapped emotion. It's time to escape the drama in your life and drink in the warm, smooth melodies your spirit thirsts for. Dive in and groove to the new sounds of Myshel. Let the music move your soul.

Music is all around me, rhythm is inside of me, a song is inevitable