My Soft Frequency

My Soft Frequency


Imagine The Band transported to the 21st century, bringing the sensibilities and ideals of 70's rock troubadours into the beautifully uncertain future. Now imagine them without the cocaine addictions and the ego of Robbie Robertson.


Embracing and incorporating various genres of music such as rock, alt-country, roots, and post-punk flavorings into a sound all their own, My Soft Frequency has hit the ground running without looking back. A reformation with a slight line up change from their previous endeavor as Hermans End, who achieved moderate college radio success across Canada, the band was moved to reinvent and explore new sounds and ideas within their song structures.

The band members, all hailing from the greater Toronto area, each bring a unique element to the song writing table. Jason Adolph (vocals/guitar) brings an incredible talent for creating hauntingly beautiful melodies; Craig Keeney (guitar/vocals), his loud and brash lead and rhythm guitar parts; Damian Coleman (drums/vocals), with his tastefully textured rhythms; and Doug Norman (bass/vocals), his gift for providing a bottom end that bridges together rhythm and melody. All share a love for music and are driven to create a sound that not only defines a time and place, but may also eventually lend itself to the soundtracks of other people's lives.

Wasting precious little time, the band has finished recording their debut album with Tyler DeWitt of Skylight Studio in Toronto, and is looking forward to the album's release in early April 2005.


- 4 full mp3's from our self titiled full-length can be found on our website at:

- My Soft Frequency (Self Titled full-length)

Set List

Can do any number of sets of original material up to 100 minutes; original material plus some covers up to 120 minutes.