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The Icy DEtails 2004
Clinical Studies 2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


Have you ever heard a rap artist that sounded like he was going to reach from inside the speaker and pull you in to the song? You know, like when you listen it's like the lyrics draw a picture right into your head? Then you catch yourself hitting the go-back button, in total amazement. Yeah, the Great Ones have that effect, Tupac, Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas, amongst others. When a rapper has an effortless flow, distinct voice, the skill to manipulate the English slanguage at will, mixed with an innovative approach that's usually a formula for success. When you and passion and longevity, what you have is Greatness.
It sounds so simple doesn't it? Please don't get it twisted, artist like this are few and far in between and we should be lucky to find one every 10 years. But I have one for you right here Cysion the Slickest.
The definition of a Dope ass MC! Born and raised in Detroit, Cysions lifelong story is one of struggle and strain, strength to maintain, and finding glory through pain. On the eastside, that's exactly what it is, a struggle. You struggle for money; it’s a struggle for power it’s a struggle to live well. It takes much heart to come out on top. The streets eat weak niggas alive / only the strong survive /got to be wise and/ never slip in on the grind. It’s all about the money and respect, cash, clothes and 304s. Detroit is a hustler’s city, everybody’s a hustler, you got to carve you niche in the game or you will get carve out, quick! That’s just how it is. It’s not about what you say it’s all about what you do and how you do it.
Cysion carved his niche in music and has been doing it for years now, almost ten years to be exact. It started in middle school, “before I start rappin. I was makin beats bangin on the lunch table and in gym class. I used to get kick out of school like twice a week for that. Even then I keep everybody rockin though, yellin chants and hooks and all that!”
It was that type of response that fueled Cysions fire to move crowds. And he figured what better way to express his self than Hip-Hip.

He didn’t really start taking rap serious until after graduating from high school. Cysion hustled up on the money for a keyboard sequencer, started writing songs, and it was on. He made beats and wrote rhymes wit friends, recorded songs to tape decks and once he heard his voice jump off the speakers he was pulled deep into it, and that was it, he was destined for greatness. That was about 8 years ago, ever since then he’s been like a laser beam. In 2000 CS started working with a Detroit production company where he begin to really master his craft. After making his MC name known in and around Detroit, Cysion also started to create a high level demand for his style of production.

“I realized that god gave me a very special talent when I seen peoples excitement for my music, it’s very influential. People started comin to me left and right to work with me on stuff. It was like I was cookin crack or something, but the product im pushin is legal dope. That’s why we call my music Abusive Music, It’s a high impact product that’s gets people hooked like an abusive substance.”

Cysion is focused, driven by a force not to be stopped, he is on mission to be heard serving as the survivalist voice of the street. His vocal style is best described in a word as Slick.
Slick wordplay, Slick flo, clever concepts, with an aggresivly smooth voice Cysion is the Slickest. If your sleep on this tremendously talented artist your in for a hard hitting wake up call. Wait until you hear Cysion the Slickest and his Abusive Music