My Space Invaders

My Space Invaders

 Trieste, Friuli Venezia Giulia, ITA

Fast and loud punk/rock!!


MySpace Invaders is an Italian band that has found the way to beautifully meld all their influences into a high energy melodic punk/rock. Coming together in 2007 from years of playing in other bands Bardy (drums and vocals), Kelly Simon (guitar and vocals), P. Rose (guitar), N. Vince (bass) started to develop their own music material for almost one year long before appearing live in April 2008... And just one week later the band got the privilege to be the opener of the legendary U.S. punk band "Static Thought". In the summer of 2008 Invaders are keeping on playing live in the north/east of Italy, people love their performances and specially the song "666 high score" that, together with "like you" , is placed in a free punk rock compilation called "Spritz Compilation" printed in about 5000 copies. Other songs taken from their first demo are often played on radios and even on some of the neighbouring Republic of Slovenia. In march 2009 the band is soon to celebrate it's first live show anniversary and got the opportunity to play, with other amazing bands, in a show organized by the Italian label "Indie box" that drew a crowd of at least 200 people in the overflowing club "Pf*Factory". Every year "Indie box" searches for new hot bands to place in their traditional compilation; 2009 is the "vol n.4" and Invaders are in with the song "W.W.W.?" together with big monsters like "A Wilhelm Scream", "Goldfinger", "Glen Matlok and the Philistines", "This is a Standof", "Dunk Jones" and many others! In July 2009 the band is going performed it's last show with the first line up sharing the stage with one of its favourite Italian band "The Fire". From that moment Kelly and Bardy started to search for a new bass and a new guitar player building up a team that is more harmonious and creative than ever since the joining of LuciferSam (Bass) and Jhonny (guitar and vocals), giving a new flavour to the global sound also because of the added value of having a second main voice and screams in the pocket! The new line up came out live after a few months of practicing old and even new material. The band also recorded their full length concept album "666 High Score" between January and February 2010. The album was recorded and mixed in Bardy's own studio (Track Terminal Studio) in Trieste (Italy) and mastered at "Sterling Sound" N.Y. (U.S.A.). Check out for several reviews about the album on and Track n° 5 "Emy" is featured on "IndeBox Compilation Vol.5" along with others big guests as "A Wilhelm Scream", "The Unseen", "Vice Squad"... The band is actually hanging around to promote "666 H.S." performing gigs along North Italy and Slovenia and is still searching for a label! At the same time Invaders filled out one hard disk of new music ready to be recorded for their second full length album.


"666 Hi Score" full length album 2011 (14 Traks)

Set List

KELLY (vocals, guitar):
1 x Marshall JMP
1 x Mesa 4x12 cabinet
1 x Gibson Flying V
1 x Guitar stand

SEM (bass, vocals):
1 x Ampeg svt AV
1 x Ampeg 8x10 810E cabinet
1x Fender P-Bass
1 x Bass stand

JHONNY (vocals, guitar)::
1 x Mesa Rectoverb
1 x Mesa 4x12 cabinet
1 x Gibson SG
1 x Guitar stand

BARDY (right drums, vocals):
Tama/Zildjian drumset consisting of:
1 Bass Drum 24"X18"
1 Snare 14"x5 1/2"
1 Tom 12"
1 Floor tom 16"
1 Floor tom 18"
1 Hi-hat, 2 Crash, 1 Ride,
1 China, 1 Splash.