Ken Morris and his Band

Ken Morris and his Band

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Oringial Rock n' Roll with classic hits from rock n roll.from the Stones, Joe Cocker, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart, beatles, to U2, Oasis,always adding new fresh arrangements to old classics and new bands and their hits.If it's dancable , fun and sing along we do it!


Ken Morris Bio
Ken Morris is an original recording artist, songwriter, musician and electrifying entertainer. He began in the Rock clubs of New York City, performing in Max’s Kansas City, The Peppermint Lounge, Kenny’s CastAways’s, CBGB’s and other legendary clubs.
Ken has had many legendary musicians perform in his back up bands throughout the years, including Steve Marriot from Humble Pie, Lester Chambers from the Chamber’s brothers, (who also guest’s on his new album, “Heavenly Bound and No Earthly Good”), Corky Lange, (drummer for Mountain), with Lesley West, amongst others. Ken has toured the western world and islands., and looks forward to bringing his music to Asia. He had the distinct privilege of performing for the Royal family of Sweden, in their Stockholm Castle, on his visits there.
At the age of 22, Ken was closing a show for the famed Billy Preston, when a New York management team caught his performance, and three months later, was headlining in Las Vegas with a show he wrote, arranged and produced, and was given his first recording contract.
Shortly after winning his class in the IFBB Mr. USA in bodybuilding, (he also holds high degrees as a black belt in four styles of martial arts), he met Rod Stewart through his friendship, with then, manager of Elton John. Ken was a guest at Rod’s Madison Square Garden performance that night and shortly after, he decided to make his hobby of writing music as a serious profession. His only goal at the time was to win the Mr. America and open a gym/karate studio. After Rod heard him play some of his songs in the hotel room after the show, Rod encouraged Ken to pursue a career in music.” He gave me some great advice. He said, “Recruit the best musicians possible, sing with all your heart, and try to stay on key. He also said, “Don’t hire musicians....hire personalities that can play well.” Ken has followed that advice ever since and it has served him well.
Having lived for most his life between Los Angeles, New York and London and Florida. Ken now resides in Daytona Beach, Fl. Ken’s company, Manitou Music Productions, LLC, also writes and produces other artists for other labels.
Ken was influenced by Rock n' Roll artists like the Stones, Zep, Rod, The Kinks, Humble Pie, INXS,and country staples like the writing of Kris Kristofferson and Jim Croce, Tom Waits, and many more.


Hear The People Call

Written By: Ken Morris

You were yellow yesterday, I'll be black tomorrow,
You'll be bluer than blue, when it's 'green' you have to borrow!
We are all the same, my friends, no matter what the faith, man and woman, stop your battle, save the human race,
Tearin' down the walls, hear The people call
War and death are everywhere,
and not a bit is clean.
Killing in the name of saviors,
you know what I mean!
Let's celebrate our differences, like a rainbow and it's colors,
and learn to find the beauty in our sisters and our brothers.
tearin' down the walls, hear The people call.
Now listen up to word, it's down to you and me.
it's all in the way we take, resonsibility.
I'm in you, you're in me, now wevwe got that clear,
let's turn to face OUR enimies,


"Clean Up Your own Back Yard' the single from my "Heavenly Bound and No Earthly Good'album..."Song "Oh, Rositta' ..and "Don't Love me Tonight' charted in the top 8 % world wide in 2003 in the Atlantic Sattilite Charts. New indi rock album, "Hear The people Call' being used by president Obama for a multi-billion dollar campaign next year.
My new album of Rock in' Roll is available through Myspace. Soon CD Baby will carry both albums, as well as hard copy distribution next spring.

Set List

Once rockin', I'll take a break for 20 minutes three times a night to freshen up, get a drink, retune the guitars, ect. Once rockin', I go until the crowd got their evenins worht of entertainment.Sometimes I hire my own warm up act, or give a popular local band in a new town, a chance to open and get exposure.