Dark and wild, sexy and violent, bluesy and spooky, a mad and heavy tour through the fiery regions of the soul.


MYSSOURI is a four-piece band from Atlanta, Georgia, with a heady, haunting evocative sound woven with a dark rock/western-soul sensibility that pays homage to the band's numerous influences, delivered with a strong and cinematic sense of place--namely mythic Western America; all solidly built around the vocal and songwriting talent of group leader Michael Bradley.

MYSSOURI gives you sweet collapse. Under an indifferent night sky, reeling from life, love, hatred and loss, questions of God and The Devil, you're clutching the earth for some sense of order, spent from the effort. They'll lift you up, then floor you; beguile you, then overwhelm you.

Guitars and lap steels scream and howl, wail then mourn; furious, then gorgeous. The bass and drums merge like precariously bottled thunder. Your pulse follows.

And that voice. MB's hugely emotive delivery shares the same stretch of lost highway with the familiar timbre of Jim Morrison, Nick Cave, Ian Curtis (Joy Division), Stuart Staples (Tindersticks), the plaintive wail of Roger Waters and
the cynical baritone narrative of Leonard Cohen. Seductive, then sullen, then wrathful.

MYSSOURI have taken a rusted blade to the fallen tree of genre-pigeonholing and carved an ever- evolving dark-indie-rock/country/blues/goth hybrid.

MYSSOURI has played live with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Concrete Blonde, 16 Horsepower, The Damned, The Reverend Horton Heat, The Angels of Light, The Dismemberment Plan, Twinemen (ex-Morphine), The Waco Brothers,
The Willard Grant Conspiracy, and more.
MYSSOURI has just completed the second full-length album, "War/Love Blues."
It was released in stores December 2003.

MYSSOURI have also played numerous festivals, such as CMJ's Music Marathon 2002, CMJ Changemusic Festival 2000, Atlantis Music Conference 2000, 2002, 2004, IG Independent Georgia Festival 2002, and Music Midtown Atlanta 2000.


Terrible Love



Am I the last true and right man? I got a wild and calamitous terrible love! Terrible love! The jerkeyed heart of the white man! Whose true existence is conjectural, terrible love! Terrible love! In the infernal feral vision, man, within the fire's eye! The molten comfort of your prison, man, your prison is the sky! There's a holy black electric bloody calm judicial course that gives the sickness of the sickle slung a smiling remorse! Like Old Clooty on a boothill, I'm at apportioning shares of terrible love! Terrible love! It's blood booty for your moot will! Line in the sand and contraband terrible love! Terrible love! Love for the paralyzed grin of your mute duress! Love for the fossilized twin in your uterus! Love will accomodate your kin as your incest must meet the calcified sins of your ancestors! The world careens upon its axis! Befouling space with insatiable, terrible love! Terrible love! And at the helm I am the praxis, woven through the fabric of our tragic, interminable blood!

I Got It All



Night train. South wind. Cold rain. Cold kin. I got it all. The gory data. Digital stigmata. The ruptured rapture. The sutured scriptures. You couldn't save me. You couldn't save me. You couldn't save me. You couldn't make me real. I got a diatribe. I got a platform. I got a sin tax. Filed it in long form. I got it all. The jerry-rigged regalia. The sad saturnalia. Carcinogenitalia. You couldn't save me. You couldn't save me. You couldn't save me. You couldn't make me real! Simple simple little girl--how I wonder where you were? Simple simple little girl--how I wonder where you were? I got it all. I got something. The perjured nurture. The tortured nature. The scalpel Alpo. The big fake O.

The Floorless Jig


Now blood is thicker than water, but liquor's thicker than either My mother said I was born to perform, I'm beginning to believe her. That girl I wed said I'd get to nothing big. But she never figured on my floorless jig! A martyr needs a murder to lend creedence to his fable. While I never meant to hurt her, like Cain I am unable to surmount the odds when my cards are so clearly rigged. Yeah, the holy hand of chance deigned I'd dance this floorless jig! I wed the preacher's daughter, and she rode me like a mule. But as that rheumy room besot her, Old Horny gave my my gruel! Well, she bled in bed just like a fresh stuck pig! Now let every prig regard my floorless jig! Regard it! The bottle made me do it. Now I'm famous like a saint. When the man says, "You will rue it." I say, "I am the great I Ain't!" He says, "If you got a last request, son, you'd better speak up now." I look boldly from the scaffold, said, "I need a bigger crowd! I need an audience all tense to see me swing! They can tell my ma how they saw my floorless jig!" Well hanging and a-wiving were never in my plans. But banging and a-kniving made for such a dual dance! Have you ever seen such a perfect pelvic dig? Well just take a twig on my flawless, floorless jig! I said take a twig on my flawless, floorless jig! I said take a twig on my flawless, floorless jig!


2004: War/Love Blues (new full-length CD)
2000: FurnaceSongs EP (still available through
1999: Malamerica (full-length CD, limited edition pressing, sold out).

Set List

Current set list consists predominantly of songs from the new album, War/Love Blues. Sets usually clock in at just under 1 hour. When we do covers, they run the gamut from The Rolling Stones to Joy Division to Johnny Cash to The Battle Hymn of the Republic, and always in our inimitable Myssouri style. We put our stamp on them.