The Mystechs play everything from death metal to salsa to hip-hop to honky-tonk, delivering it all with hardcore punk intensity and cabaret flair. Their live shows involve lots of running around with wireless headset mics, part improv theater and part professional wrestling.


The Mystechs began as a nice, normal, femal-fronted trip-hop band in the late 90s, then as time went on added elements of everything from gangsta rap to thrash metal to show tunes, evolving into the multi-genre, punk-rock Frankenstein monster it is today. The one constant throughout the band's 10 LPs and DVDs is a sense of humor equal parts cerebral and crude, using stories about eating hamburgers and huffing glue to make satirical social commentary or obscure literary references. The band's no-holds-barred live show mixes the Vegas schmaltz of Wayne Newton and Sammy David Jr. with the visceral physicality of Iggy Pop, James Brown, and G.G. Allin.


Dixie Inferno (2008)
Escape From Planet Love: The Motion Picture (2007, DVD)
El Combate del Sigilo (2007, EP - Spain only)
Hot Tub O' Blood (2007)
Warriors & Warlocks: The Movie (2006, DVD)
Escape From Planet Love (2006)
Mecha Jesus vs. Football Hero (2005, EP)
Legend of the Buick Brothers (2005, DVD)
Warriors & Warlocks (2005)
Disco Hammer! (2004, EP)
Sleazy Riders (2004, DVD)
Jook Een Dah (2004)
City Folk (2003)
Showtime at the Apocalypse (2002)
Unholy Land (2001)
Dark Age Disco (2000)
Fantaseed (1999)

Set List

The Mystechs have 75+ songs in our live repertoire. We can do an effective 15-to-30 minute set, or a just as effective hour-and-a-half set (once we did a 4-hour show without repeating any songs). We'll often play multiple 30-to-60 minute sets in the same night without repeating songs.

We have a wide variety of covers, from Outkast to the Velvet Underground, Radiohead, and Prince, though typically we don't play covers, as there's usually not enough time to squeeze all the songs our fans want to hear into the time allotted.