Mysteries of the Unexplained

Mysteries of the Unexplained


Fresh, modern, catchy, soaring and beautiful, heavy and rhythmic, The Mysteries defy convention at every turn. The Mysteries will catch your ear and capture your imagination.


Mysteries of the Unexplained is a unique musical hybrid - the combination of two visions which at first couldn't seem more at odds with each other.

Vince Weir, a classically trained violinist, was an original member (electric violin) of Toronto rock/metal legends Tchort (now divided into Ash Lee Blade and The Illuminati). He forged a bold new industrial-pop-metal band Laserbabies in the late 90s.

At the outset, Damian Weston, a classically trained pianist and musical director of a theatre company was asked to become the keyboardist.

The 'Babies achieved notorietry on the Toronto scene and performed in nearly every club in the GTA.

It must be said that audiences did not leave a Laserbabies gig indifferent. Fruitbat, guitarist with UK techno-punk scenesters Carter USM (for whom the 'Babies opened on their final North American tour) described them as "too heavy and too wierd".

Too heavy indeed! The 'Babies wore that as a badge of pride.

The Laserbabies broke up early in this millenium to pursue other projects.

Vince taught music and started a purely metal band while Damian quit music entirely and went to do earthquake relief in the third world.

And now, in 2005, they are together again to combat the forces of kiddie-punk and to rid the world of lip-syncing pop-ettes.

They bring two visions that have the force of atoms colliding, and the product is the Mysteries of the Unexplained.

Vince's influences draw from Extreme sub-genres of Metal, Contemporary Classical Music, Horror and Fantasy Soundtracks and so much more...

Damian Is influenced by bands such as the Pet Shop Boys, Weezer, Mercury Rev, And the UK Alternative Scene.

Their influences meet with The Beatles (of course), The Electric Light Orchestra (whom both worship as transcendant beings of sonic perfection), The Velvet Underground, Oingo Boingo & Danny Elfman and so much more.

The Mysteries are fresh and modern without sounding immature, energetic and heavy but still musical and melodic.

Listen to "Wherever". The Mysteries defy you to walk away without that song permenantly implanted in your brain. Go ahead. Double dare.

Woo, hoo, hoo!



Written By: Damian Weston

If my mind was wine,
I would have spilled it by now
But I'm getting by
the only way I know how;
Come a little bit closer
...I've been looking for a heart
that's in search of a home.

And it seems like I've spent my whole life searching,
but don't let sad people tell you
that nothing good will last

Because my dear
So let's leave them where they belong, huh?
Let's leave them in the past.

Wherever you are
Don't you know?
I'll be right beside you.
Wherever you are,

Now I feel like a fool
Because I've made them all queens
And some told me they loved me,
whatever that means
But I know that just one,
has really gotten to my head:
I tried to write some deeps thoughts,
and wrote this love song instead.


Premonition EP (2004)

Set List

We Can Make It (On Our Own)
Secret Song
It Sounds Ridiculous
I Walk
Prince of Wails
Reality O.D.
Dark Space Lords
Planet Red
Mystic Traveller
Cool Blue on Waves
Rock and Roll Found Me
I Want You
Are You Surprised? (all this time)
Pictures of You (Oingo Boingo Cover)
It's a Sin (Pet Shop Boys Cover)
Victim of Life
13th Floor