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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Florida CD Reviews: MYSTERIOSO-Self Titled 4 song EP/Shoogerbooger Productions"

Never before has a band from this (or any other) area had such a profound affect on me. In fact, they’re so F-ing amazing that I’m devoting this month’s entire column to telling you all about ‘em.
After hearing the “buzz” about Mysterioso for months throughout North Brevard, I finally went to see them live at The Dog and Bone in Cocoa Village last spring. Unfortunately (as usual) my date that night wasn’t old enough
to get into the club so I had to settle for a mere glimpse of
the charismatic combo as they entered the club from a side
alley just minutes prior to show time. I wouldn’t have another
opportunity to see them perform until this past August. They
were appearing at Orlando’s AKA Lounge and this time I
wasn’t gonna miss it.
Stylishly dressed in black gangster-like attire with matching red neckties, the six piece band which includes two keyboardists, horn section, and (thank God) NO guitarist took the stage at about 11pm to the “mysterious” sounds of “vampire” music playing through the house sound system.
Although their entrance was impressive it was nothing
compared to their actual musical presentation.
Musically as well as lyrically their tunes exude a “Zappalike”
smartness and complexity, married to a delightful combination of George Clinton inspired stanky funk and a big band solidness reminiscent of Ten Wheel Drive circa ‘70. In fact, drummer Jerome Steele lists such artists as Chick Corea and Sly and the Family Stone as two of his group’s many
eclectic influences.
Of the four tracks presented on their debut self titled
record, “Chromagnon III” and “Relativity” are instrumentals
while “Decadence” and “Don’t Panic” are filled with a lyrical
imagery that is nothing short of absolute brilliance.
Chances are you won’t see Mysterioso perform very often
(if ever) in Brevard County. These kids don’t play “Mustang
Sally,” “Margaritaville,” “Brown Eyed Girl,” or any Chicago,
Texas or Delta style “you know what” either so if you’re
gonna catch ‘em live you’ll need to take a road trip with me
to nearby cities like Orlando or Tampa. Believe me, they’re
worth the effort.
Next month’s issue of Brevard Live will feature the last
“regular” review column before my world-famous, year-end
wrap up in December’s issue. Mysterioso fans will be well
served to check out that December column to see where I rank
this life changing record on my 2005 Top Ten list. (www.
- Brevard Live October 2005

"Brevard Live Top Ten List 2005"

1. MYSTERIOSO Self Titled/4 song EP

With a Zappa-like sensibility
Mysterioso is musically and stylistically so far beyond anybody else that trying to describe them in just a few words would be an insult. Their own website doesn’t even properly represent them. I suggest seeing the band live, buying this record on the way out of the club, and then immediately crazy gluing it to the inside of your car CD player ‘cuz it’s the last record that you’ll ever need to hear!

- Brevard Live Written by Chris Long


Due to high demand from fans in the local area MYSTERIOSO recorded a 4 song EP in late MAY 2005. It was released shortly after and has continued to sell. The band is currently in the process of recording their full length debut with a release in 2006.


Feeling a bit camera shy


The brainchild of Yeti (former front man of the European Hip Hop Group THE PROPHETS OF RAGE wea), MYSTERIOSO is a five piece musical ensemble with a completely unique approach to modern music. First of all, there are no guitars!!! Instead the line up consists of piano/vocals, synth, trombone, bass and drums. Inspired by everything from classical music and horror film scores to Frank Zappa and George Clinton. MYSTERIOSO creates a sound that is impossible to pigeonhole. Their dark, yet catchy compositions are filled with tongue-in-cheek apocalyptic rhetoric & stories with characters right out of a child's nightmare. MYSTERIOSO is a truly original, artistic group of musicians with esoteric sensibilities yet mass appeal. MYSTERIOSO is currently performing in the Orlando/Central Florida area and working on their debut full length release.