Mystery Feet

Mystery Feet


Mystery Feet is a high-energy jazz group featuring the compositions of guitar master Frank Varela. They have just finished their next release, with special guests including Joel Rosenblatt (Spyro Gyra) and Lenny White on drums, and DJ Logic. Release will be in October on U Dig Records.


It had long been the desire of bassist Craig Garfinkel to bring together a group of musicians whose dedication and enthusiasm for improvisational music was matched by their abilities on their instruments. With the forming of Mystery Feet that desire has been realized. The three musicians enlisted to complete the ensemble, Frank Varela on guitar, Jonathan Chatfield on keyboards and Scott Allshouse on drums, each bring to the project a passion for the music that is equaled only by their considerable talents.
Speaking of the music…one might be curious as to exactly what kind of improvisational music Mystery Feet serves up. Although the band is quite content to not fit neatly into any particular category, it is fair to say that ultimately Mystery Feet is a jazz band. On their recent debut release on U Dig Records, “Walk the Walk”, the goal was to make the recording as “live” sounding as practicable, so that the record accurately reflects the band’s organic sound. As for styles, there are compositions that would fit neatly into the rotation of “smooth jazz” stations, as well as some burning selections that are more suitable for jazz listeners of a more varied sophistication. The sound of the band is very electric and non-traditional, built around the electric guitar and supported by keyboard sounds centered around the Hammond organ and Fender Rhodes piano. With this instrumentation the group is quite reminiscent of the fusion groups of the seventies and the acid jazz groups of today. Mystery Feet combines jazz, funk, blues, latin and rock influenced grooves into their own unique presentation.
Each musician brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Mystery Feet. Garfinkel, Allshouse and Varela have all studied at the Berklee College of Music, and Chatfield is a graduate of the Oberlin School of Music. All have been playing professionally since their early teens which, depending on the individual, was either a very long time ago or just a decade or so past.
The group itself has been together for just over a year, with roughly half that time spent recording the album. Mystery Feet has had the great honor of having jazz guitar legend Larry Coryell appear as a guest soloist on Frank Varela’s composition “Angelina Park”. Larry also wrote the liner notes for the album, and his gracious guidance has been greatly appreciated.
Although the most exciting thing about this project for each of the members is that they are playing their own music in their own style they also have a collectively strong desire to share the music with as many people as possible. Speaking to fans and potential fans of Mystery Feet, Garfinkel says “we promise to give everything we have to give musically, and hopefully what we have to give is exactly what the listener was hoping to get”.
Mystery Feet has been performing mostly in and around the Hartford, CT area, but it is their fervent desire to “hit the road” and expand their universe as much as is possible.



Written By: Frank Varela

None - Instrumental


New release, entitled "Upstream", due out October 2006. Very special guests Lenny White, Joel Rosenblatt and DJ Logic.

Mystery Feet "Walk the Walk"
U Dig Records - released 10/2001

"Mariana" from Walk the Walk
#1 on the Jazz Charts
18,000+ plays January 2002

Set List

Mostly original jazz (swing/funk/fusion) compositions with some select covers. Can do one or two sets from 1 1/2 to 2 hours total performance time.