Mystery Hangup

Mystery Hangup


Indie / Experimental / Progressive / Punk / Rock


Creating a magical rip roaring journey that resonates deep within their audience, Mystery Hangup is an all female Indie/experimental rock band from Orange County, CA. Introducing to you 3 sisters that took a 3 year trip through winding corridors of a Latin Music school emerging with a strong sense of identity with their Mexican roots; Cat, lux, and Bisou. After performing Latin Music for 3 years at large events, their world soon turned inside out when they heard The Cranberries. Immediately Cat began writing Rock songs in English and her sisters soon followed. Bisou wrapped the songs in cloaks of jagged guitar riffs, keyboards, and noise, while youngest sister lux, a confident devotee of heavy metal, propelled the band forward with massive, hard hitting drumming. Redd, bassist, added that extra special spine tapping flavor and Mystery Hangup was complete!

Mystery Hangup has performed at many Music Festivals and Events such as: The 2006 VANS WARPED TOUR, THE 2006 SUMMER STRUMMER FESTIVAL with: The Donnas, Kinky, and Rooney, sharing the main stage at The San Francisco Pride Festival with Third Eye Blind, and recently opened for the leading band in the emergence of Death Rock in the United States, Christian Death. They were nominated for best Punk Band at last years Orange County Music Awards, have been featured on San Diego’s Music television Program “Fox Rox” for winning 1st place at the San Diego County Fair Battle of the Bands, and were also featured in the The Rockit Magazine for making “…the biggest impact on the crowd amongst the opening bands” when they opened for Christian Death. Rikk Agnew (Christian Death, The Adolescents, 45 Grave) has listed them in the 1 spot of his ‘Rikk’s Pikks: My Top 75 Bands to Look Out For’. Mystery Hangup and their music have found a home at several radio stations throughout the West Coast. Radio Station KUCR 88.3 FM reported Mystery Hangup as 9 out of 200 newly released artists with the most requested airplay to CMJ (college music journal). Radio Stations KXLU 88.9 FM Los Angeles, KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles, 96.9 FM Free Radio San Diego, The Local 94.9 FM San Diego, KZSU 90.1 FM, KCRW 88.9 FM Los Angeles, KCLA 99.0 FM, and KRCL 90.9 FM in Utah have already confirmed radio airplay of their music. At this year’s All Access Magazine Music Awards, Cat was awarded ‘Best Female Vocals’ in the Pop/Alternative/Glam Category. lux was also awarded ‘Outstanding Female Drummer of the Year’ by Rock City Magazine this past December.

Mystery Hangup released their debut album “Three Moons and The Crashing Sun" in August which was recorded at Satellite Park Studios in Malibu, CA. The album was produced by Paul Roessler (The Screamers, Josie Cotton and 45 Grave), Geza X (produced Dead Kennedy’s “Holiday in Cambodia” and The Germs’ “Lexicon Devil”). The Salt Lake Weekly reported, “Cat’s deep, sultry pipes set the tone for Hangup’s debut album Three Moons and the Crashing Sun, a groovy, slightly gothic work in English and Spanish.” The Santa Monica Mirror describes the band’s sound as, “a visceral sound that cuts like late-’70s punk.” The band performed this summer on a month long national tour, SOUND + VISION Tour which kicked off in August and are currently preparing for a 2 week West Coast tour starting mid-April of next year along with another U.S. Tour in the months of August and September. The band is now eagerly awaiting the release of their music video for their song titled ‘Vista De Un Ladron’ in mid-January.


Mystery Hangup - Three Moons And The Crashing Sun (2007)
Recorded and Produced by: Paul Roessler, Geza X

1. Je Ne Fume Pas
2. Vista De Un Ladron
3. Scum
4. Hazy Kid
5. Untuned
6. Sun
7. Breathe
8. Morning Glare
9. Forever A Prisoner
10. My Heart Sleeps, Awaken
11. Drown You Out

Mystery Hangup - Self Titled (2005)

1. Untuned
2. Something Else
3. Forever A Prisoner
4. Je Ne Fume Pas
5. Chocolate
6. Hazy Kid
7. Drown You Out

* All tracks have confirmed Radio Airplay at several radio station across the nation.

Set List

Set List: 30-40 minutes of Original music
*Band has enough material to perform a 2-3 hr set.

Typical Set List:
1.) Vista De Un Ladron
2.) Morning Glare
3.)Forever A Prisoner
4.) Je Ne Fume Pas
5.) Sun
6.) My Heart Sleeps Awaken
7.) Drown You Out