Mystery Known

Mystery Known

 Clarksville, Tennessee, USA
BandHip Hop

Mystery Known is an artist that speaks about his faith in a way that many can relate to. The music is Energetic Hip Hop that's a mixture between Crunk/Pop/andEastCoastFlow. It's inspirational music that you can dance to, while being encouraged at the same time!


Adrian Hackney, also known as "Mystery Known," has been a Christian Hip-Hop Artist for 10yrs now. Originally from Hampton Va, Mystery Known moved to Clarksville Tn in 2001 by way of military. Serving as a soldier in the United States Army, Mystery Known is no stranger to combat. Being an ex-gang member (of the Folks-Foes of Latin Kings) and running the streets with major drug dealers in Hampton and Newport News Va, Mystery Known seen a dire need for change in his life. The turning point for MK was when his cousin was stabbed in the neck and left for dead. In a murderous rampage, MK searched all day for his cousin's assailant. To no avail, MK went to his house early that morning. Drunk and high, a preaching telethon came on tv and began to prick his heart. In tears and broken, MK raised his hands, asked for forgiveness for his sins and accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior that morning. He was baptized March 31, 2002 and has been living for the Lord ever since. Formerly known as Murderis Kat, Mystery Known began ministering the Gospel of Christ through CHH. He has seen young people turn their lives over to Christ and change their view on what it means to be a Christian. Some of Mystery Known's influences are Hip Hop legends Tupac, Nas, Jay-z, Dmx, Mobb Deep, KRS 1, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Othello, Lecrae and Da T.R.U.T.H to name a few. Mystery Known has just released his mixtape entitled "Fire Starter Mixtape Vol. 1". He has also released his critically acclaimed album "Unspoken Words" and mixtapes feat. various artists in his career. No stranger to the music industry, MK has worked alongside many great artists in the Christian Hip Hop arena. Some of these artists include Toby Mac, Grits, Flame, Thisl, Kj52, K-Drama, Xample and many other head liners in the Gospel Music Industry. Mystery Known hopes that his music will encourage the world to be who God created them to be.


Debut Album "Unspoken Words" released 2009. Currently on itunes and other digital distribution sites.

Single "Fire" released 2011. Currently on itunes and other digital distribution sites. Published through BMI

Mixtape "Fire Starter Mixtape Vol.1 released 2011."