Mystery of Two

Mystery of Two


Mystery of Two have a sound that is reminiscent of the early Talking Heads, particularly with some similarities between Ryan Weitzel voice and David Byrne’s. However, M2 have a harder edge, not quite to the extent of a Gang of Four, probably closer to Sonic Youth.


At a time when music descended from “punk” and “new wave” has been reduced to it’s most rudimentary and lo-fi elements, Mystery of Two continues to pursue the original artistic aspirations of the genre---believing that art and music can be
unfamiliar and challenging, without sacrificing accessibility. Much like their musical touchstones—The Feelies, The Voidoids, Talking Heads, and Pere Ubu— Mystery of Two follow the axiom that the unconventional can be created through paramount musicianship, attention to song-craft, and sonic structuring.

Their self - titled follow up to 2006’s Arrows Are All You Know, finds Mystery of Two further traversing the boundaries of experimental pop, and no where is this more evident than in the masterful guitar playing of singer / guitarist Ryan Weitzel. Channeling Robert Quine (Voidoids) and Richard Lloyd (Television), Weitzel and cohorts create songs that convey a sense of urgency and immediacy, which at times evolve into turbulences reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr.

Vocally, Weitzel has been described as a baritone fusion of David Byrne and Nick Cave, which masterfully accompanies the dark sound-scapes and lyrical content created by the band. Steadied by the pop-gun drumming of Nick Riley and stalwart bass playing of Jeff Deasy. the palpable energy of this trio is captured in these “live take” recordings, which were later augmented by unique instrumentation
unfamiliar to their pedigree (violin, trumpet, slide guitar). As a result of their chemistry, energy, and effort, Mystery of Two succeeds in creating an updated aesthetic to the timeless work that emanated from the Bowery over three decades ago.
- Brandon Stevens


Color Me - Cassette / Digital EP (2010 Exit Stencil)

Self Titled - CD / LP / Digital (2009 Exit Stencil )

Gravity - Digital 7" - ( 2008 Exit Stencil)

Arrows Are All You Know - CD - (2007 Exit Stencil)

Self-Titled - 7inch - (2004 Exit Stencil)

Set List

Golden Hour
Repeat It
Golden Hour
French Rocking Horse
Mornings Call
The Spark Is Sweet
Middle of a Field
Strange Town
Anything Can Happen
(The Clean)

Girl You Want
( Devo )

Out On The Weekend
( Neil Young )