Mystic Fog Garden

Mystic Fog Garden

 Colusa, California, USA

Satirical Hillbilly Rock, sounds like early Neal Youngish, Greatfull Dead, rolling stones. Some songs are comical most satirical of common sins, you know drinking sex and women...oh yea prostitutes, fighting and more drinking.


Was a demo audio engineer in hollywood, went up to bakersfield and formed my band 1988 and recorden Fog on the Windshield Album in Buck Owen Studio. 2nd album is songs that where home recorded "Memmories in the Attic" and in 2006 Wicked Hillbillys album featuring willie nelsons lead guitarist from a road tour.


Most all internet and airplay is overseas and big in Maceidonia.
1988 Fog on the Windshield
1988 Memmories in the Attic
2006 Wicked Hillbillys