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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Distinct styles"

Mystic Nation uses two very distinct styles on this CD. One style leans toward metal or garage bands and a mellow acoustic band with a nice relaxing touch. This album isn’t afraid to play a hard rock song, dive into a mellow song, and break the flow with another hard rock song. - KJCC 104.1

"4 stars"

4 out of 5 star rating. -

"It is an eclectic mix of 1960s style rock..."

"Withered Flower" starts out with a standard guitar hook and has an interesting guitar solo. The harmonies tend to bring the listener into the song. It seems to be about a relationship gone bad that one party is trying to patch up. "Our Skin" is the first song featuring Billings and is a decent folk sounding tune.

"In The Sea" is contemplative and draws the listener in as well. "3 A.M." is dark. It starts out with a soft flute before the guitar bursts out in stark contrast... - Rose Botkin-Beuck & Jules E. Beuck

"A real journey"

From song to song I felt like I was being taken somewhere. This is one of those albums that is not afraid to move from place to place, and is always solid when it goes to a different type of vibe. This is an album that defies a straight arrow approach, but doesn't minimalize the structure and pop sense that it contains. - Reviewer


This CD is great. It seems all music is sounding the same lately. This Band has created their own sound and it worked! Love it!! - Rebecca - CDBaby Reviewer


What Makes Rust (Sept 2007)
Breaking Bread (April 2006)
The Apartment Sessions (April 2005)



Based in Orange County, California, Mystic Nation is a collection of different minds set on bending the template of songwriting, determined to fuse a community of musicians together in the process of writing, recording and performing great music.

The musical foundation of the Mystic Nation is Rock ‘n Roll, but the colors are a palette of experimentation and free form chances bonded in Jazz, Heavy Metal, Folk and the Electronic.

The first release from Mystic Nation, Breaking Bread, has been in heavy rotation across the college radio market with the singles Withered Flower and In the Sea proving to be very strong introductions to the Mystic Nation sound.

What Makes Rust, the sophmore self release, released in September 2007 promises to be the best material yet, with rich pop sensibility scattered with the same manic, on the fly, writing process Mystic Nation has come to embrace.

Known for their high powered, engaging shows, Mystic Nation strives to give it's fans 100% each show, and often times a whole lot more when all is said and done.