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Mystic Pop



MysticPop is an original rock band based out of Seattle, WA and has been performing all around the greater Seattle area for over 4 years. Some of the venues they've played are: The Showbox, Graceland, The Central, The Catwalk, Ballard Firehouse, Marina Cantina, Waldo's, Studio 7 and many more from Tacoma to Mount Vernon.

Lonny Rice:
Lonny has always been a musician and started writing songs at around the age of 6. He got his first electric guitar at the age of 12 and was in his first rock band by the age of 16. His voice has been described as a cross between Robert Plant, Jeff Buckley and Curt Cobain. Lonny loves to entertain and feels more at home on stage than anywhere else in the world. He has often said that performing puts him in the now and makes him feel at one with the universe.

Mike Rain:
Mike Rain is a master bassist and a great vocal harmony to Lonny. His ability to stop and start the low end of the rhythm section sets the audience rocking to an undeniable greasy backbeat.

John Tasler:
John's guitar work is melodic, aggressive, and very British as he weaves around the vocals. Although some of his arrangements have a sensitive filigree, he can still stun small animals at 30 paces.

Stevie Adamek:
Stevie is an incredible drummer, producer, musician, and song writer. He's also a pretty nice guy.


EP - Yet, 2002

Set List

The Ocean - Led Zeppelin
Bringing Another Day - Mystic Pop
Holiday of Fools - Mystic Pop
War Pigs - Black Sabbath
Tail Wags the Dog - Mystic Pop
So Aware (Hey) - Mystic Pop
Living in the Moment - Mystic Pop
Good Times Bad Times - Led Zeppelin
Steppin' Stone - Mystic Pop (adaptation of cover)
Stage Door Johnny - Mystic Pop
Frontline - Mystic Pop
The Rover - Led Zeppelin
Spiritual Narcotic - Mystic Pop
Not the] End of the World - Mystic Pop