Mystic WIP Hustler

Mystic WIP Hustler


Mystic WIP Hustler is a three piece musical Work In Progress. The WIP is a composition nailin', funk groovin', hip-hop movin', blue grass bouncin', reggae soothin', hard rock slammin, fast tempo jammin' unit.


Mystic WIP Hustler is the Cure for the Common Ear!!
Combining many genres and styles of music the WIP's goal is to get away from the one track minds of the music industry today. All three members are chronic lovers of all types of music. Hence, they portray this in their original material. Whether you come to hear one of their catchy pop or reggae tunes, or long complex composed or jam tunes...The WIP's goal is to open every listener's ears to love something new about music.


Mystic WIP Hustler has released three independent albums. Self titled, Mystic WIP Hustler, Cure For the Common Ear, and First Day On the Job. The WIP also has tons of live recordings circulating amongst fans. Tracks from the self titled album and Cure for the Common Ear can be heard on the bands website and Myspace page. Live show recordings are also traded amongst fans.

Set List

Mystic WIP Hustler has 30+ original tunes.
Styles range anywhere from funk, rock, bluegrass, reggae, blues, and jazz. Some tunes are short radio friendly songs, while others are 15 minute compositions. some tunes have extended improvised sections in them. During a set each, member is featured individually at some point in the set. The WIP will sometimes play one or two covers per set depending on the venue and audience. Artist that they cover: Steely Dan, Frank Zappa, Bjork, The Cars, Weather Report, Phish, John Scofield, Pat Matheny, and Herbie Hancock.