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"Mysti Mayhem HAS LUNGS!"

I love Mysti's voice - so controlled and WILD! I am so happy I found them - and I bought this music. The talent is absolutely amazing, peeps!!! I am telling everyone I know about SPELLBOX!- Review for Egyptian Death March - Clancy Sisters, T or C, NM USA

"Egyptian Death March Review"

Unique is over-used, but there isn't a much better adjective for this duo. Powerful yet melodic vocals coupled with complex stringed rhythms. The addition of the mandocello on some tracks adds an almost Eastern flavor that is by no means gimmicky. Highly recommended. - MC, Penn State University

"I love Mysti Mayhem's First CD!"

I love the sound of this band. Mysti as an awesome voice and she is not just some stupid puppet trying to sell a million records. It is truely about the music. - Brandy, USA

"My Opinion on Mayhem's voice"

Mysti has a voice which can literally change the world. And I'm not kidding. - Ray Baisden, Oakland CA

"Spellbox & Mysti Mayhem"

A great mix of vocals, instrunmentals and lyrics. Very passionate and original. Spellbox is in a catagory of their own. - Colin

"Reviews of Mysti Mayhem"

"Mysti Mayhem's music is, what in my opinion, Music should be like." Razors Edge Radio

"Mysti is simply a breath of fresh air. Real."-Jason Adams

"Mysti is not of this world... her depth of feeling and range of voice are truly supernatural. You can't die yet, until you've heard this woman sing."- Stacey Brown, Photo Journalist Florida Alligator

"There are no words to describe this kind of voice...Mysti sings from the soul, and she sounds like whomever you're more partial to (Janis Joplin, Beth Hart, etc). This artist is exactly the reason that Sellaband is such a great idea--to support great artists like this one."- Expert Jill Katona, SAB Rep.

"The people who know me know that I normally don´t like ballads or singer-songwriters. But Miss Mayhem is one of the masters in the genre"- Missy Talentcast

"Mysti Mayhem shares more of herself than any other artist I've heard - with her voice, personality, beliefs and lovely way of saying "Bullshit walks..." I really dig this chick!"-Shirley J Rhodes, sellaband

"Mysti is captivating. She has a voice that can hold you're attention, and provoke you're emotions.
Her lyrics are intense yet clever, and can range from hilarity to sadness, something many artists never manage."- Simon McMurdo, Sellaband

"Every now and then you discover an artist that you just know given half a chance is gonna become that which all others strive to be..."- GeeQ

"Ballsy and Gutsy. Just two of the words to describe the little lady with the big voice who sings straight from the heart. Invest in this Janis Joplin of the 21st Century and you will not be disappointed. Live performances are not to be missed."- Lucretia, Sellaband

"My musical taste is broad, but this person can just do it all."- Joris, Sellaband

"Wow. This woman has some pipes on her! A gorgeous earthy sexy voice, crazy guitar licks, stop 'n gape lyrics, and a relentless drive to make it. She's got it all."- Sellaband, Webturtle

"A gifted multi-instrumentalist, Mysti has a fabulous, powerful voice and a versatile songwriting talent. Her range includes rock and quieter acoustic material, which I like best - my favourite songs of hers are 'Everything' and 'Kyle's Song'. Her music has diverse influences, and her lyrics carry a punch. A very likeable and talented artist"- Steph, Sellaband

"Mysti Mayhem is simply a fabulous songwriter, singer and guitarist. Her lyrical observations about life, love and the music business are very right on.
I believe Mysti is the future of music. No one can compare to her--except Ani DiFranco. "- Suzanne Kaiyan - Journalist, Hawaii

"Singer-songwriter with flare & drive, detailing everyday-life & the harder social issues; great guitar & a lovely voice. An intoxicating artist - watch out world !"- The Candy Trail, SAB

"Mysti is undoubtedly one of the best artists out there. She says it like it is and has an amazing voice that send's chills. Her strong vocals, lyrics and rockin guitar playing are sure to please even the most critical of critics. I have had the pleasure of seeing her perform live as well, and it simply is bliss. Mysti Mayhem ROCKS!!!"- Mechelle Menville, Cincinnati Reporter

"Mysti Mayhem is a unique artist: composer, brilliant vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer. She's not a Bette Midler copy, no, Ms Mayhem is an Original...The Devine Mayhem should fill Broadway theaters 365 days a year, if not, the taste of the people in the US of A needs to have a war declared to it: the war against bad taste, or better: the war against not appreciating Mysti's mayhem"- Antagonistic Complimentary, Sellaband

"Mysti Mayhem is Authentic, soft and rough, she's just like yin and yang together in a musical universe. Believing is natural ! listen to it once, you can't forget it." - Elvirkan, Sellaband

The new Janis Joplin, Bette Midler with a guitar, call her what you will but Mayhem's prominent feature is a voice of richness, range, and power which is simply stunning.

Her new album, entitled Diversity, will debut Aug. 15th, 2008. The recording was funded by $50K in fan investments from the online community SellaBand, and was produced by Chris Stamey (REM), and Cactus Moser (Highway 101). Although the album has not yet hit shelves, 5000 copies have already been pre-sold.

Currently based in USA, she has toured widely since the age of 16 as a solo act, with a variety of collaborators, and more recently with a duo called SPELLBOX.

Mysti's professionalism combined with her beautiful artistry is nothing short of magic, but is strange for most people her age. Most 24 year old girls are found at the clubs, just not normally onstage, and those girls, well... Diversity, available on Sellaband August 15th 2008.
- Sellaband Reviews

"Mysti Mayhem "Diversity""

. . . This looks and sounds like a major label release and as such has high standards . . it generally succeeds in hitting the mark.

This is mainstream female singer songwriting with a country lilt - a little bit Joan Osborne on ‘Reason to Live’, a hint of Pink, a splash of Sheryl Crow but mostly Mysti appears to be an Indigo Girls fan.

Highlights include the delicate ‘I’m not here’ which has an almost pastoral English folk feel until the multitracked vocals come in and then you are listening to those Indigo Girls and a very good likeness it is.

Ultimately this is an album that will appeal to fans. - Americana UK

"Under the Influence"

Last Tuesday we went to see Hammell on Trial in Chapel Hill. I thought it was a perfect way to celebrate the inauguration. Before Hammell this 3-piece played the first set fronted by a young woman named Mysti Mayhem, which is a great roller derby name.

This young woman has a terrific voice that can wail or whisper with the same balls-out conviction. She commands the stage. Her guitar paying is confident and it looked like she was having a good time, and even though the crowd was small, we were enthusiastic.

I even bought her CD, Diversity, produced by the legendary Chris Stamey.

Go get 'em Ms. Mayhem. I loved the set.
- A Dark Planet


Egyptian Death March, 2005
Long Way to Rock, 2006
Misty Dawn, 2007
Believe, 2007
Diversity, 2008



Mysti Mayhem's new album, "Diversity," her fifth, is the result of over 24 years of collected thought and spiritual consciousness. Introduced recently in Amsterdam via, it features Cactus Moser on drums, and the legendary Chris Stamey as mixing engineer. The album pre-sold 5,000 copies and Mysti is blowing the roof off of youtube.

Off-Broadway stage performances started early for Mysti and continued through her high school years. Having graduated from Honesdale, PA, she began sharing the stage with Mike Farris (Screamin Cheetah Wheelies), and Damon Johnson (Brother Cane and Gov't Mule).

At the age of 19 she moved to Gainesville, Florida where she met Bo Diddley "The Originator," who helped coach her voice and showed her how to project herself onstage.

This is also where she met Mandocello, created the duo Spellbox, and set out on tour in support of their album "Egyptian Death March" (available on CDBaby).

One of the exciting ventures during their tour happened in Nashville where Mysti Mayhem walked into Curb Records to sing them a song. (video on Youtube).

She has shared the stage or studio with Hamell On Trial, Bo Diddley, Dan Bern, Trainwreck, Tenacious D, and a number of other interesting folks.

Fiery, Vibrant, Fresh - Mysti Mayhem is a Revolution.