Mysti Mayhem and Spellbox

Mysti Mayhem and Spellbox


Mysti Mayhem brings power house vocals and guitar into dazzling interplay with her partner Mandocello and his versatile instrumentals. They own the stage, touch the hearts, and rock the souls of any audience, large or small, with a memorable experience.


SPELLBOX is a rock, blues, and country duo of world class talent, based out of Durham, North Carolina and touring widely. Their debut album, Egyptian Death March, is available from Their recent recordings featured Cactus Moser and Curtis Stone of Highway 101 and production by KG of Tenacious D and Boy Johnny John Spiker from Trainwreck. They produce their own videos. Mysti is the 15th artist out of more than 8000 on the internet community SellaBand to reach the goal of raising $50K through fan investments in order to record a top quality album, entitled Diversity. She is producing it herself along with Cactus Moser and Chris Stamey. Diversity was introduced at the world famous Paradiso in Amsterdam on August 15. Bring a treat to your stage with the spellbinding artistry, entertainment, and professionalism of SPELLBOX.


All available on
Egyptian Death March 2005
Long Way To Rock 2006
Believe 2007
Misty Dawn 2007
Trial By 12 2007

Set List

90% Original Music. Mysti & Spellbox can perform between 30 min. - 240Min. (Half hour - 4 Hours). Cover Songs include a mix of Gillian Welch, John Butler, Ani Difranco, Martin Sexton, Dan Bern, Joan Osborne, Steve Earle, 4 Non Blondes, and Christina Aguilera.