My Teenage Stride

My Teenage Stride


My Teenage Stride is the sound of The Pixies beating the living hell out of the Beatles, egged on by Brian Eno and the Jesus & Mary Chain and refereed by Ray Davies, to no avail.


My Teenage Stride formed in Brooklyn three years ago when songwriter/bedroom recording artist Jedediah Smith (more about him later) realized he couldn't play every instrument himself at the same time--at least not during live performances. So, after an extensive talent search that took him to the far reaches of Greenpoint and included his immediate family, Jed found the four talented musicians who currently surround him.

Since then, the band has stunned audiences with their pop bravado and relentless energy. MTS was enthusiastically appreciated by audiences at the NY Popfest early this summer when they played along with The Besties, and Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. My Teenage Stride has since toured nationally in support of their third album, "Ears Like Golden Bats," released on the UK's Becalmed Records. The national tour was with Philly's A Sunny Day in Glasgow, and MTS has also played on bills with Palomar, Ted Leo, My Favorite, and Human Television to name only a few.

"Ears Like Golden Bats" is a sonic exploration of pure pop pleasure nestled in richly textured guitars, keyboards and new wave flourishes, and has been called "a constant joy to listen to" by Stylus. Popmatters commented on the "New Zealand production sheen, [and] the gently melancholy yet sort of humorous lyrics had me thinking I’d stumbled onto some lost Flying Nun outtake." Indiepages mentioned some key influences when they wrote, "I hear echoes of Jesus & Mary Chain, Velvet Underground, Beach Boys and even my longtime favorites from New Zealand, The Chills."

Jedediah Smith wrote his first song on the beach at age 7. The song was entitled "Salt Water Up My Nose", which he recorded at age 20 with a full Smiley Smiley 4-track treatment. As he did then, Jedediah writes and arranges the song and most of its production aspects entirely in his head - never picking up an instrument until it's time to record the song. In a departure from this writing style, however, MTS is currently writing songs together for their fourth yet-to-be-named release, scheduled for recording in late 2007.


To Live And Die In The Airport Lounge

Written By: Jedediah Smith

Can't you see that people have their troubles

Oh, yes, I think I've heard about them all

They're just soaking up the sorrow of their fathers

And leering at the lioness in awe

To live and die in the Airport Lounge
Just to have a glimpse of another town
You've got to be a child
To Have such strange problems......


Becalmed Records, London, UK:
"Ears Like Golden Bats" - full length
"Major Major" - full length
"I'm Sorry" - 7" vinyl

Banazan Records, California, USA:
"A Sad Cloud" - full length
"Blackbeard's Ghost" - 7" vinyl

Set List


To Live and Die In The Airport Lounge
Chock's Rally
Carry On Cassidy
Drumless, Wandering
Actor's Colony
Golden Bats
I've Been Cheated
Meet At Emily's
That Should Stand For Something
They Are Alone In Their Principles

A typical set lasts for about 30 minutes. My Teenage Stride songs are generally short, with one or two longer exceptions. The general rule is that they're either under 2:30 or over 4. Regardless, brevity is the mantra.

Covers we have performed (though it's the exception, rather than the rule):

"Government Center" by The Modern Lovers
"Leaving It Up To You" by John Cale
"Nothing's Gonna Happen" by Tall Dwarfs
"Echoes to Myron" by Guided By Voices
"Lucifer Sam" by Pink Floyd
"Go Out And Get Em', Boy!" by The Wedding Present