My Teenage Stride

My Teenage Stride


To quote a recent blogger on Brooklyn Vegan, My Teenage Stride sounds like Brian Eno beating the shit out of the Smiths. Magnet, who placed MTS's Ears Like Golden Bats on their top 20 records of 2007, claim it's more like Josef K making sushi out of Gary Glitter.


MTS is generating a song a month for emusic all through 2008, and is also featured on their new comp album, "Selected and Collected."

My Teenage Stride is a classically pop songwriting-oriented machine based in Brooklyn. A songwriter since age 7, Jedediah Smith is a prolific songwriter and My Teenage Stride is the result of years of recording. The band's 2007 full-length Ears Like Golden Bats has been featured in many ‘Best of 2007’ lists but special mention must go to the #19 position in Magnet’s "Top 20 Albums of 2007". It follows the article the magazine did on the band in the summer and is another example of the great response the album has had. My Teenage Stride are currently working on new recordings and a 5-song digital EP titled Lesser Demons is out now.


Theme from Teenage Suicide

Written By: Jedediah Smith, My Teenage Stride

She saw herself in papers
She never had it so good
I’m a killer but I never started no war
She only wants to be respected
She only wants to be clean
What’s a body till you find out what it’s for?

She was a teenage suicide I never wanted her more
She was a teenage suicide I never wanted her more

They tried to take her dancing
They tried to make her feel cool
Red china and Russia looked finer than gold
But it’s too late for sorry
Or a pat on the back
Divided and undecided she’s gonna have to kill them all

She was a teenage suicide I never wanted her more


Digital EP: Lesser Demons (self-released), 2008

Full length CD:
Ears Like Golden Bats (Becalmed), 2007
"To Live and Die in the Airport Lounge" gets a lot of play.
Major Major (Becalmed), 2005
A Sad Cloud (Banazan), 2003

7” Vinyl:
I’m Sorry (Becalmed), 2003
Blackbeard’s Ghost (Banazan), 2003

Set List

10 songs
30 minutes
all original