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Beautiful Muzik Mixtape Series 1 of 3 **Coming Soon**
(Available on, Da, and Shere of
The Breakaway LP: TBA



There is no secret as to why Jesus Muzik Movement's Michael M.Y. Tha Vizion Yearby Sr. continue to make his mark on the underground and online music scene. However, his Godly formula which continues to see this up and coming artist win new fans from coast to coast. Inventive lyrics, crossing over the racial, cultural, and national lines; an insatiable thirst for excelling in his craft; displaying an unequaled work ethic this is M.Y. Tha Vizion.

In 2009, M.Y. Tha Vizion initiated a songwriting and recording studio in Okinawa, Japan. The results of his efforts are penetrating the hearts and minds of the Japanese youth. Although the artists have created a number of great songs, it is a track written/produced by M.Y. Tha Vizion, which has everyone wanting to know more about this God he expresses. It's because of God's amazing grace, love, and power ears are beginning to hear the gospel express through the acoustic sounds of M.Y. Tha Vizion. Beautiful Muzik, a hot mixtape with incredibly clever lyrics, is a co-productions between Marvo4mobeats , who laid down the instrumentals, and M.Y. Tha Vizion, who recorded the vocals and Parabols who added a few more touches to the hip-hop album. The follow up album The Breakaway EP is to be completed by Emissary from Emibeatz, Marvin Glaspie from Marv4mobeats productions, and JNate from TKO Productions are well underway and will be available internationally later this year.

In his home market of Okinawa, M.Y. Tha Vizion is beyond being well received by fans. In fact, he is a local phenomenon arguably the area's biggest cross movers. In fact, M.Y. Tha Vizion recently witnesses of the message of Christ when he had a youth evangelism concert on the streets of Okinawa. To that end, M.Y. Tha Vizion has firmly established himself as a top-notch Christian artist. A rare artist who appeals to particularly in the forte of Christian hip-hop M.Y. Tha Vizion has been on the receiving end of several positive blogs and chat room dialogues.

Okinawa is one of Japan's most heavily-populated music markets, with Osaka and Tokyo. It is here where Jesus Muzik Movement Ent., LLC has established M.Y. Tha Vizion as the premier Christian artist, and it is here where M.Y. Tha Vizion remains to win the hearts of the people. Incredibly, the energetic artist evangelizes on average of two weekends per month. Audiences have fallen in love with Christ Jesus due to the passion that this artist express. Never one to rest on his God-given talent, the artist spends most of his off-stage time furthering his technical and writing skills in the studio by applying the Word of God to his creative lyrics.

Everything M.Y. Tha Vizion touches prospers. He has captured Jesus Christ as first place in the hearts of many new fans at a number of street evangelize concerts. When a Christian artist has an opportunity to evangelize the youth of Japan, that artist is naturally excited. In fact, M.Y. Tha Vizion has made a solid impression on the Japanese Community. The artist has and maintains a great family life, having a day job (U.S. Air Force) and has a career in music. Some believers don't know how he manages it all but it's quite a template for other Christian artist.

After being approved and/or sent out by Apostle Richard Brown III, the artist said, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news! (Romans 10:15)." It is little wonder, then, that this prolific lyricists possesses an extraordinary work ethic, and that Jesus Muzik Movement Ent., LLC's M.Y. Tha Vizion has become known as one of the hardest working performers in all of Okinawa's hip-hop scene.

"I simply love to confess the name of Jesus the Christ. Being able to praise & worship on stage and to give an awesome performance for an eager audience is one of the best thrills ever! These are dark times, and I am going to continue to give the Lord's music and the supporters everything for Christ," says M.Y. Tha Vizion. M.Y. Tha Vizion's Mixtape: Beautiful Muzik Series 1 of 3 will hit,, and this August. "Seeking God, long hours, God given talent equals a manifestation of God's glory in Japan.

What's next for Jesus Muzik Movement's M.Y. Tha Vizion? The new album The Breakaway EP, is in development under producer's Emissary from Emibeatz, Marvin Glaspie from Marv4mobeats productions, and JNate from TKO Productions. A few featured Christian Artist are being concerned for collaborations and the album will be available October 31 (M.Y. Tha Vizion's Birthday). Watch Apple's iTunes to see what's new in the online store.

Writing God's word in lyrical format manages to inspire M.Y. Tha Vizion in the inner working of God. It's plain to see; M.Y. Tha Vizion is excelling as an artist, borrowing from artist like Trip Lee, Viktory, Ricky Gentle, and many more...

So much anointing, talent, and accolades in such a short time. The best is yet to come for Jesus Muzik Movement's M.Y. Tha Vizion. Ke