My Third Leg

My Third Leg

 Hialeah, Florida, USA

A mixture of the all the elements that makes rock and roll great. This is a ride your not gonna want to get off. The music is heavy enough to make you want to start a mosh pit but with a melodic overtone to touch your hearts. Together we share the pain of life but also the beauty in it thru music.


The band started off with friends from high school getting together after school to jam and write music. What were once five members now was brought down to three. The line-up consisting of King and his electrifying guitar licks who also provides haunting vocals, Phat Jesus with roaring bass lines and Ace the Animal to reign destruction on the drums. Rocking out homes, clubs, bars, and any other place that could be rocked in Miami, Florida, My Third Leg spread their music at showcases, festivals and battles. They bring a prefect blend of Metal, Funk, Jazz, Prog and a tinge of Spanish flavor that keeps the heart pumping and feet moving. People always ask “What does the name of the band mean?” To which we reply “Exactly what YOU think it means.”


Revelations EP, Miami Rockers for Life Compilation

Set List

Darkness I-X
Head Trip
The Cell
The Gray Between Black and White
I Have No Name
Baptised in Dirty Water
The Holy Crown