Myth of Progress
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Myth of Progress

Seattle, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Seattle, Washington, United States
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Avant-garde


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Featured Artists & CD Reviews 2013"

The music of Myth of Progress is exciting and unpredictable, departing from a main melodic theme, the arrangements adventurously cross the conventional borders of music, searching for the varying rhythms that can be found within a groove and the multiple melodies that can be drawn from a given chord progression. Their sonority resembles the instrumentation of bands ranging from Progressive & Post-Rock acts like “King Crimson”, “Primus”, “Porcupine Tree”, “Radiohead”, “Tortoise”, “Cul de Sac”, “Battles”, “Stereolab”, “Russian Circles”, “Sigur Rós”, “God Is An Astronaut”, and “Oceansize” to heavier Post-Metal outfits like “Mogwai”, “Neurosis”, “Pelican”, “Animals as Leaders”, “Tool”, and “A Perfect Circle”. The album “Myth of Progress” has 13 tracks. My favorites are those that combine strength and density on the rhythmic section with meandering and complicated guitar passages, also having some leaning for the orientalism, showing influences of bands like “Tortoise”, “Cul de Sac”, “Russian Circles” and “Primus”, powered by the energy of bands like “Mogwai”, “Pelican”, “A Perfect Circle”, and “Tool”. These tracks include the opening piece “Scourge of the Yankee Bankers” (7:12) (with Caribbean rhythms and baroque guitars); the fast-paced and vibrant “Mother Chaos” (5:36) & “Hopalong Horus” (6:43); and the mysterious “Contradictators” (6:10), with its peculiar melodies imprisoned in Arabic rhythms. Other favorites are: “Laughing Buddha” (10:06) - a magnum-opus comprising great Heavy-Progressive, Post-Rock and Post-Metal passages that are alternated and juxtaposed along several twists and turns, also having oriental tunes, epic moods, and heavy instrumental outbursts; “Hexagram 23” (5:01) - a ferocious Post-Metal; and “Interstellar Spores” (5:01), which is a Cosmic Post-Rock with some “Porcupine Tree” inspiration. Contrasting with those most vigorous pieces, the melodic Post-Rock pieces “Horizon” (4:04) and “Wave Harmonics” (5:50) have a light disposition that will please fans of “Battles”, “Stereolab” and “Radiohead”. Meanwhile, listeners who are fond of the psychedelia and bittersweet melancholy of bands like “Sigur Rós”, “God Is An Astronaut”, and “Oceansize” will prefer the echoing “Mellow Duppies” (3:38), and the chameleonic “This 'n That” (7:07), which begins with soft synths and hypnotic revolutions, but grows heavier toward the end. To add more variety to their album, Myth of Progress still offers “Jumar Jam” (5:36), a Post-Rock Reggae driven by unusual bass; and “Let It Go” (4:28), driven by a Latin swing. A great debut album, “Myth of Progress” is highly recommended for fans of Post-Rock in general, who love the instrumental sonority of “King Crimson”, “Primus”, “Porcupine Tree”, “Radiohead”, “Tortoise”, “Cul de Sac”, “Battles”, “Stereolab”, “Russian Circles”, “Sigur Rós”, “God Is An Astronaut”, “Oceansize”, “Mogwai”, “Pelican”, “Neurosis”, “Animals as Leaders”, “Tool”, “A Perfect Circle”, “Godspeed You! Black Emperor”, “Valence”, “SOT”, “Outopsya”, “Reserve de Marche”, “Diversion Voice”, “Rosetta”, “Cult of Luna”, & “Red Sparrowes”. - Progressive Rock BR

"Myth of Progress: Myth of Progress"

...This is solid fusion proving, against the myth, that there actually is a progressive music base in the grunge city of Seattle.
Now instrumental albums are not my favorite cup of tea. I need lyrics, a storyline and something besides waves of rhythm in order to entertain my ears. But tracks like 'Mother Chaos' just bolt from the gate to break the expectation of repeated rhythms, and give you something hearty to groove and listen intently with for over five minutes. The bass and electric lead guitar on this track does provide proof that this band is dedicated to presenting something unique.
'Jumar Jam's reggae rhythm will have you up dancing. Easily one of the best tracks on the album. Words might have spoiled the fun…but it would also be interesting to hear some lyrics with this track. The keys are mesmerizing. Ja 'mon, you're really gonna love this rhythm. But the lead electric laid down over that rhythm is just as killer. Very nice. Relax and let the rhythm flow. ;^)
'Mellow Duppies' continues on the theme, only this time with some very cool keyboard, bass and electric lead guitar rhythms. Those pipe organ-like sounds are excellent. Mellow, but bubbling with life... - Sea of Tranquility

"Myth of Progress"

Sould be called "Prog of Miss-nyets," because these huge, dramatic, narrative instrumentals are prog rock so important you should say multiple "no's" (or nyets, in Russian, the language of dramatic narrative) to missing this!" - Roctober Magazine

"Myth of Progress Self-titled Album"

" of the best instrumental albums I've heard in my life." - Vents Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Musically intense and relentless, Myth of Progress keeps it fun, exciting, and at times unpredictable where a song might go next. Every track is an adventure in the possibilities of sound, exploring the varying rhythms that can be found within a groove, the different melodies naturally arising from a chord progression or riff. Stylistically covering a range across the psychedelic/progressive/post-rock genres, underlying the sound you might hear elements of an array of styles, but it all melds nicely under a guitar driven heavy rock. An edgy and intense sound, with the willingness to explore musical territory not commonly heard, Myth of Progress is committed to creating some truly innovative modern instrumental rock.

After getting good response to the new music and deciding to keep it instrumental for the freedom it provides, they decided to take it live in fall 2013 and are now booking shows in Seattle and the northwest with plans to tour and record new music over the next year and beyond.

Myth of Progress started in Seattle, WA during 2012 as a recording project with guitarist Jules Nickel and drummer Chris Martin recording new material after the demise of a former band. In their old group they had some regional success playing shows throughout the Seattle area and the greater northwest from Vancouver, BC to Southern Oregon. Amongst the best would be the New Music West Conference in Vancouver and the Seattle Music Festival, as well as most of the top venues in Seattle.

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