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Mythology encaptures listeners by engaging in portraits of lyricism. With 10 years of rapping, 6 years of production and 5 years of performing its hard to say he cant get the job done. Whether you are looking for an artist that has great instrumentation or just a good Acapella listen close.


Mythology is the head of RhymeLife Records. For the past 7 years life has been nothing but emotional roller coasting of drama. Music is an outlet of experience and understanding of what we all go through. Mythology has put pain, thought, pressure, adversity, poverty, discrimination, and unfair practices into a form of music that impacts feeling to all listeners.

With 10 years of rapping under his belt, Mythology has grown to utilize his talent of songwriting to create and produce a realm of music that is unmatched. Since age 7 Myth grew up around the rough slums of Detroit, MI. By not having the needed support of relatives, Myth quickly began to hustle outside of school to buy decent clothing. Life wasn’t easy, on record Mythology has worked a little bit of everywhere. From Wendy’s, to Warehouses to selling sweetness to high school rookies and collies. There was no limit to his grind but none of these criteria’s fit his motive.

Mythology really began to build a name for himself in high school attending Frank Cody High. A typical public setting with little education from anyone. By 2002, Mythology was nominated as class hustler and became battle rap champion on 105.9 F.M. After gaining this status Myth quickly released an underground mixtape entitled “Mythology’s Mixtape Vol.1.” Crucial decisions will determine “critical” living settings. Especially when marketing your own business.

In Mythology’s case, his mixtape leaked quite well to the neighborhood. The song entitled “Detroit Detroit” made a good club buzz for an underground cut. But, the mixtape was used as a promotion tool and it did cost Myth a lesson fee. Mythology lost money, suffered criticism, almost got arrested on various occasions for promoting and didn’t keep his buzz going long enough to make a profit. After going through something like this most people would throw in the towel, but if your like Mythology you’ll see this as a test.

In order to gain success, one must triumph over trail. The phrase: “RhymeLife” was created by Mythology from going through life and defeat of faith. Faith has a passion that never lets up and gifts are given by destiny not choice. Currently, Mythology resides in Atlanta, GA. And is active in every venue possible. Mythology has a New Yorkers swag, but with a combination of lyrics and catchy beats the speakers come out sounding pretty CRUNK if you follow me. Mass Static is RhymeLife Records first and exclusive release by Mythology with a high anticipation of hip-hop review. With proper promotion put in place Mythology’s market will sky rocket through the roof. Tomorrow will bring a new beginning to music as we know it and the sound it will pick up on is MYTHOLOGY!


U Never Met Her

Written By: Mythology

Intro: A A.G. turn it up a little more dog..... Alright thats good, thats good.... Unuh yeah yo, this goes out to Stalleta & Caletta... Unuh-huh I know we had our differences ya'll, ya'll on the other side of them pearly gates. But I'll see ya'll when we get there... Me and my peoples that is... Keep my seat warm for me, don't let nobody get it cold... Unuh-huh yo, yo....!

Chrous: What you know about Caletta/ who grab chedda from Veda to Mecca/
“U Never Met Her, U Never Met Her”

Or what you know about Staletta/ who flip letters to diamonds and leathers/
“U Never Met Her, U Never Met Her”

Verse 1: This goes out to Caletta who I knew up the street/
Age seventeen moved straight up out of the V/
Momma born in Virginia she was born in Nevada/
All about the Benjamins and wasn’t bout the dumb chatter/
Always for the money “she was on it”/
Smile bright and humor funny “I would want it”/
She would have me chasing/ I was chasing she was lacing/
Playing basic finally made it/ laying naked changing faces/
Moved back to Cali/ hooped for the Valley/
Stacked money tally/ body got badly/
Even more so when she made the swimming team/
Found a new boyfriend and posed a magazine/
Didn’t forget about me talked on the regular/
Boyfriend jealous got made so he strangled her/
Then she got away and moved back to the D/
She wanted more Myth so she fell in love with me/
I moved to the NYC she followed me/
Living like this was like living in a prophecy/
Grandmamma got sick in Mecca she had to leave/
Now I’mma tell you something that you won’t believe/
Got to the Mecca/ grandma was embedded with HIV/
And its hereditary/
My once lost girl had to leave me in the game/
But its never changing girl because the love is still the same/

Chorus: Repeat (2x)

Verse 2: Went out to the Mecca just to see Calettas family/
Tragedy is something that you can’t heal panically/
Ironically Caletta/ she had a twin sister/
Staletta was her name and her game was to hustle/
Her mom introduced me to her/ “now that’s deep”/
For mom dukes to speak now I got twin peaks/
So yo’ I’m kicking it with her/
Fox leather on her fur/ diamonds stitched in her purse/
White leather in her shirt/ (hunh)
She was straight forward/ ain’t boring/
Hate snoring/ ain’t sore when/
Late scoring/ make ocean lakes pour in/
How she get them dollars she would shuffle up the cards/
Never had a real job/ never worked hard/
And I ain’t never argue cause I ain’t never mad/
She had me wearing Jordan’s that I ain’t never had/
Mad cause she had to leave going out of town/
And I was out rapping for stacks like shipping pounds/
So this is the time when the story deceives/
Cause I’mma tell you something that you won’t believe/
Staletta went to Paris for a poker game tournament/
Won a hundred thousand dollars now the walls closing in/
From a woman name Tiffany/ straight from Sicily/
A real sore loser so she snapped eventually/
Clapped up Staletta before she made it back/
And now I’m feeling bad that I ain’t have her back/
She promised me not to get mad I did anyway/
Cause everyday I’m thinking about them and how they went away/
It can’t be two girls gone/
They made me a fortune that’s why I made this song/

Chrous: Repeat (4x)

Front 2 Back

Written By: Mythology

Intro: Unuh, yeah I like to welcome ya’ll to the sounds of “MYTHOLOGY”. We bout to yell ATL one time for the whole state of GA. Shout outs to the Mac-town back to my home town 313 all the way up to the NYC. Welcome to the Mass Static LP.

Hook: Club nights is the nights that I gots to rap/
Thugs like when the lights go from light to black/
Love life on the mic I can write the acts say/
Mythology its packed from the front 2 back/

Verse 1: F is for the flow fantastic in full fleet/
I pull heat just to let you know I forewarn beef/
Now first let me flip final flaws for facts/
Phantasm is a fragile element in my rap/
R rolls with the road rolling in with the rush/
Raging rampage ruckus repitwa is nubuck/
Suede rounds when I round up the real rain at/
Claim that if you run for the roof racetrack/
O is out there outer reach out as outer limits/
If you living in it rearrange range for a minute/
Optical setting an optical legend/
Optimist lessons an optical session I’m out for oppression/
N is never neat “Y” I’m a lyrical freak/
Nearly a beast like Nazareth Phenominal reach/
T is always on top tipping the tip/
Tipping a chic with tits that’s as big as a ship/

(Hook 2x)

Verse 2: B is for the bass line blowing them out./
Blow they backs out broads bending over to crouch/
Blasting like a blow torch scorching up the bid/
I renege to forbid like the Brooklyn bridge/
A is all out all clout is all out/
If you fall out all doubt is all out/
All the ready I’m all steady all the way heavy/
And all the way telli I’m talking on a stall away celli/
C is for the cold cut catching up with the chase/
The currency case keep the camera out of my face/
Causing tuberculosis to become a closer encounter/
If you control cowards make’em lay to ground like a counter/
K is for the killing feeling when you get to feeling killahs/
Can’t touch yours cause the chorus makes a killing/
Uncountable amounts for the cold cut draft/
Suffocating whirlwinds turning oxygen to cash/

Hook (2x)

Verse 3: From the club to the lobby to the whole parking lot/
Call me face mob no day job I rap a lot/
King of Camelot doing this Eversince it was/
I can make a Casio generate a buzz/
Shot out to bugs who passed out a while back/
I’m a keep the flow fat as back on a wild back/
Straight from the jungle if you humble don’t come inside/
We got assault rifles that speed and love to ride/
Jump on ya’ back, I’ll take you to another height/
I can take you places were a soul don’t love life/
Resurrect yo’ the mic is in a desperate need/
Without me rap is like blood that don’t bleed/
Or a forest without trees it just ain’t gon happen/
Under water with parana’s still wipper snapping/
I stay full of charge like barbs in light bolts/
Strong than bolts that strike head pulse in lighting bolts/

(Hook 3x)

Stone Attack

Written By: Mythology

Hook: Mass Static stead facts it’s a stone attack/
On a mission for attention say hello to rap/
And that’s that the chronicle chrome is black/
I keep a vice grip tight as a virgins lap/

Verse 1: I’m bout to drop cinematic spoken through cinema/
Ending the end of a movie starring Myth in a emblem/
Him and them scripts is vivid as a dare devil vendor/
I’m in a new mental affection cause this guy is a symbol/
Yo’ to elope, love drama starring the hitters/
From start to the finish I know the show we vote gonna hit us/
Sent to home run base take a look at my face/
I got a frown so bold you can smell of the taste/
Verbally vicious no kisses only rottweiler hisses/
Motor model misses be dissing they don’t know what they missing/
Snow blowing blizzards my vision is as sharp as three scissors/
Or skin on a lizard I keep more air on deck than the wizards/
I’m so ahead of me got a double shadow ahead of me/
Telling me heavily what the future has when I’m seventy/
Seventy times a day I be repeating the cycle/
Re-invert the moon to walk and call it Jackson the Michael/

Hook 2x

Verse 2: Scene 2, the scenery is right by the booth/
Got a reservoir of dogs bite back we (Woof)/
Chains is loose mains hang off Lionel loops/
Vinyl’s re-loop my name longer than the neck on a goose/
Call me the truth boastful guard as Debo the Zeus/
In summer wear boots canary yellow (gully for who?)/
Be all yours run the record stores like chores/
I’m swooping up cash registers to make mine score/
Its all about a trend B or just to make ends meet/
You gotta meet between friends cause they peeps own streets/
Half my block is still stuck and I ain’t talking bout work/
I wanna tell’em what’s new but they phones don’t work/
(My old earth) she telling me to let flow rain/
So I’mma make it flow storm until its no season change/
Its an evil game the horns worn are cute and blue sunny/
Cause they got everybody fooled over playboy bunnies/

Hook 2x

Verse 3: Action on site on set with ambition/
Don’t solicit listen I’ll make you clap into a collision/
Where is competition I thought this was a battle infliction/
Its just another issue of a non-exclusive edition/
Adding to subscription I’m sophisticated to sell/
I’ll make the blackest Africans whole face turn pail/
Crystal clear as beer when you hold it up to the light/
Or Shannon’s chandelier in a bedroom off white/
All night I been plotting so every thought I been jotting/
Was never spoiled I’m rotten foster to parents begotten/
Be forgotten before you know it but still don’t fear/
Just leave a patent trademark before you march out of here/
Write me RE intoxications welcomes party/
Don’t go over deep cause doctors might just light ya’ I.V/
Close caption to the character you hear over beat/
And ending credits going till my pockets spill over sleeve/

Hook 4x


Thus far, RhymeLife Records is inticed to Mythology's first album entitled Mass Static. This is the first LP under our in house production company and we have sold over 20 copies in the street.

We are currently being aired on for the next 2 months.

Set List

Typically, Mythology does open mics so the sets are no longer than two tracks long. But Myth is ready and willing to do a 7 track set.

Including radio friendly records such as: Front 2 Back, Amazing Grace, Ghetto Gossip, Put Ya' 1's UP, Cold Blood, Stone Attack & IT Dont Stop.

All these songs are 3-4 minutes long and have obvious clarity within.