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This band has not uploaded any videos



"IMG Music Review"

Genre: Jazz/Rap/ Pop

Ratings: "1-10"

Production Quality:
Studio: 8
Proffessional: 9
Orchestration: 8

Performance Quality: 8

Instrumentation Quality:
Drums: 8
Bass: 7
Guitar: 7
Keyboards: 8
Other: 8

Vocal Quality:
Vocals: 9
Harmonies: 7
Complimentary: 9
Style: 9

Song Quality:
Music: 8
Lyrics: 8
Originality: 8
Marketability: 8

Song Merit: 8

Artist Image:
Overall Look: 8
Overall Style: 8

*Suitable for promotion to "Major Record Labels" & Managers/Booking Agents

Myth's distinctive style and exceptional pronunciation makes him stand out in this genre. Furthermore, I found the instrumentation, coupled with the differentiating beats and styles, to be quite distinct and captivating, generating the necessary edge needed to compete in today's mainstream rap markets. - Tyra BurBurez


Thus far, RhymeLife Records is inticed to Mythology's first album entitled Mass Static. This is the first LP under our in house production company and we have sold over 20 copies in the street.

We are currently being aired on for the next 2 months.



Mythology is the head of RhymeLife Records. For the past 7 years life has been nothing but emotional roller coasting of drama. Music is an outlet of experience and understanding of what we all go through. Mythology has put pain, thought, pressure, adversity, poverty, discrimination, and unfair practices into a form of music that impacts feeling to all listeners.

With 10 years of rapping under his belt, Mythology has grown to utilize his talent of songwriting to create and produce a realm of music that is unmatched. Since age 7 Myth grew up around the rough slums of Detroit, MI. By not having the needed support of relatives, Myth quickly began to hustle outside of school to buy decent clothing. Life wasn’t easy, on record Mythology has worked a little bit of everywhere. From Wendy’s, to Warehouses to selling sweetness to high school rookies and collies. There was no limit to his grind but none of these criteria’s fit his motive.

Mythology really began to build a name for himself in high school attending Frank Cody High. A typical public setting with little education from anyone. By 2002, Mythology was nominated as class hustler and became battle rap champion on 105.9 F.M. After gaining this status Myth quickly released an underground mixtape entitled “Mythology’s Mixtape Vol.1.” Crucial decisions will determine “critical” living settings. Especially when marketing your own business.

In Mythology’s case, his mixtape leaked quite well to the neighborhood. The song entitled “Detroit Detroit” made a good club buzz for an underground cut. But, the mixtape was used as a promotion tool and it did cost Myth a lesson fee. Mythology lost money, suffered criticism, almost got arrested on various occasions for promoting and didn’t keep his buzz going long enough to make a profit. After going through something like this most people would throw in the towel, but if your like Mythology you’ll see this as a test.

In order to gain success, one must triumph over trail. The phrase: “RhymeLife” was created by Mythology from going through life and defeat of faith. Faith has a passion that never lets up and gifts are given by destiny not choice. Currently, Mythology resides in Atlanta, GA. And is active in every venue possible. Mythology has a New Yorkers swag, but with a combination of lyrics and catchy beats the speakers come out sounding pretty CRUNK if you follow me. Mass Static is RhymeLife Records first and exclusive release by Mythology with a high anticipation of hip-hop review. With proper promotion put in place Mythology’s market will sky rocket through the roof. Tomorrow will bring a new beginning to music as we know it and the sound it will pick up on is MYTHOLOGY!