My Velcroe

My Velcroe


My velcroe is an indie post-pop electro-pscycedellic solo-artist from Los Angeles. Emotive and upbeat, the symphonies of hard beats and electronic harmonies she creates weave into a hauntingly magnatizing force. My Velcroe aims to be influenced by everything and sound like nothing else.


My Velcroe is an indie electronic artist that pumps out post-pop tunes of an electro-psycedellic nature. Emotive and up-beat, the symphonies of acoustic and electronic harmonies she creates weave into a hauntingly magnitizing force. soulfully singing through a kaoss pad like a posessed cartoon character who's living each song as if a story from the graphic novel that is her life, her stories of self-disclosure are camouflaged in arrays of electronic beats, romantic piano segments, and quirky synths, smoothed over with ambient guitar riffs. It is music written to inspire and move.

The sound of my Velcroe could be compared to Rilo Kiley and Fischerspooner's little darling child. Plucking from a wide array of collective influences, including The Mars Volta, The Violators, Ladytron, Le Tigre, Pink Floyd, EBM, Tricky, Sonic Youth, Tori Amos, the Pixies, New Order, David Bowie and emily's secret lifetime passion for musical theatre and opera, My Velcroe allows the sound to create itself. "I don't write the music, I am the music. The style of my songs changes with my moods, every song is written to be a complete package of thought, memory and emotion, each with a tinge of irony. Whether it be a thematic contrast between the sound of the music and the message sent through the lyrics, or the tone of the lyrics themselves, the consistent theme shared in every songs is the juxtaposation of opposites; innocense and corruption, pride and self-abuse, etc...", says My Velcroe.

Who is My Velcroe, well, if sugar, spice and everything nice is what girls are made of, then consider Emily Blong (My Velcroe) the voice of a rude awakening. Although her bright eyes, pigtails, and uniformed baby doll dresses are all icons of innocence, Emily Blong is anything but naive. This self-taught musician, accomplished skateboarder, and all around creative-compulsive grew up in the Mountains of Colorado banging on Casio Pianos, strumming on her Fender and training her voice to Dolly Parton. Music was an outlet for her to express her anger during silencing struggles of family turmoil, romantic hardships, and the battle with her ever-loving manic depression. At age 20 Blong, who had just discovered 4-track recording with her guitar and piano, was turned onto electronic music and digital recording by a friend while going to school for web design. He supplied her with the recording programs Reason and Cubase and the rest was history. Fascinated by the idea that voltage could be transformed into audible states of emotion, Blong began aquiring equipment and became obsessed with the idea of someday having a home studio where she could produce her own electronic music. "I dont think i started writing music as much as it began to write itself, and i had to figure out a way to get it out of my head to save from going insaine." Her music is surprisingly upbeat in contradiction to her lyrics that are reflect a much more complex analysis of human nature. She sings powerfully with poetic honesty revealing corruption from abusive relationships, drugs and imprisonment in her own little fantasy world. All of this is innovatively camouflaged inside dance beats and sweet symphonics that she writes with Reason, Korg drum machines, yamaha portasounds, kiddie toys, an array of keyboards and softsynths, and even an acoustic guitar.

My Velcroe's music can stand firmly on its own, but her live performances are bi-polar and asthmatic, they take your breath away. She has a powerful presence that encaptivates her audience and creates a stirring atmosphere. "People usually don't dance or talk much during my performances because they're too involved with watching," says Blong. Sometimes she evokes so much emotion during parts of her set, that she's been known to shed a tear or two--while still dancing to the beat. Not all of her performances are tear jerkers. She balances the dark and light with her costuming, projections and props such as Kiddie Kitchen's and glowing popsicles on stage.

Since My Velcroe's performance debut in Denver during September 2003, the 2004 self-release of her first album, and the production of her first electronic opera at Denver's Cervante's Ballroom in June 2004, My Velcroe quickly gained an underground following as well as radio play on local Denver stations. She has played, and still performs as a solo post-pop performance artist throughout Colorado, Pheonix, Los Angeles and New York. At the end of 2004, she moved to Los Angeles from Denver, CO, (where she had been living for six years) to meet others with her vision and evolve as an artist.
Emily now lives under the umbrella of the Born Again Pop artists, a rennisance organization out of LA aimed at re-defining pop-culture and creating a "new LA". Nausiated by hollywood attitudes and over produced, soul-less pop music performed by rich girls with no talent; pressed, packaged and delivered to crowds of numb ears, My Velcroe has decided to dedicate herself to making mu


Blonde Mexican

Written By: Emily Blong

I pushed reset and i played it again, and there she was, this blonde mexican, and i think it was more than a kiss from a friend, that i gave this blonde mexican, sparkle sparkle is it me? how pretty pretty-is it just the city? that reflects off your smile, won't you stay a little while?

Blessings masked in Heartache is my fate.


Burning Anthem

Written By: Emily Blong

Where's the burning anthem? did you forget the tune? or is that what brought you out of bed today? dizzy at the prospect of your new existance, but you cant erase the smile, the manic smile. i am fleshy robot, im a pink zombie, god these hands are clammy in this nutshell, living for the future, the rest is just a blur when i turn my head i see photoshopped motion lines.

chorus: skipping from one infection to the next you feel your body sweat, still you get up to dance, wheres the anthem that was burning in your chest? meditate till you hear it.

its lonely in this box but theres a circle for my head, two places for my legs and a pinhole to my heart, but when you try and iscolate from all the worlds disease, everything is more enticing and simple to embrace.

meditate on the static till you hear it again.


Written By: Emily Blong

And he hit me as i gave the stranger back his star, oh mama, why did it feel like a kiss? and he knows he's angry only because he did it all wrong, but here's your second chance, adn still you hurt the ones you love. and the only one who would agree with me was that woman in the musical on AMC-i thought her so weak, and i took it so lightly, but wow, what a fanale!

How dare you take that away from me?
how dare you smile as you're breaking?


New My Velcroe EP in Progress, release date will be late-summer 2006.

My Velcroe/My Velcroe
Self-Release 2006
Emily Blong
(Due for Re-Release by Born Again Pop Records
Fall 2006)
Available for sale on i-tunes, Napster (aug 2006)
and at, and at Ameoba Records in Hollywood.

Set List

A typical set runs about 45 minutes, but can go up to 1 1/2 hours if alotted the time. We also have a projectionist who provides his/her own equipment.

Typical set list:
Intro (freestyle)
Blonde Mexican
Let Delirium Be Your Umbrella
His Little Angel Has A Dirty Nose
"Ding Ding"
A Prisoner Of Her Poet
Fuck Yeah