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"Song inspired by IWBYJR and brainstorming a new contest"

The best thing about getting your book published is hearing from the people who connected with it. I love meeting fans at events and getting emails and myspace messages. I always write back (maybe someday time constraints will limit that, but right now I'm managing and I will always do my best to do so) because every message I get makes my day. It means the world to me to know that my words made an impact. That's why I write. It certainly isn't for the money, lol! It's because I hope that I have a story to tell that can help people. Maybe it just helps them escape for a few hours or maybe it holds a deeper meaning. I get quite a few letters from girls and women who see themselves reflected in the characters, usually Emily and Regan, and that always pleases me. I created those characters because they were the kind of characters I was searching to read about as a teen and even now. And then I get the most priceless letters of all, from people who tell me that the book really helped them take stock of their life or that they are going to give it to a loved one who they believe it will help. Those people often relate to Louisa and seem to understand that part of the reason I wrote her was as reminder of what happens when you run from your nightmares as opposed to follow your dreams like Emily does. But each letter, each story that my book inspires people to open up about... this is why I became a writer.

On Friday, I got a really cool message from Justine Kope a Chicago musician in the band My Velouria who enjoyed IWBYJR so much that she was inspired to write a song! I can't tell you how much that meant to me. And it was like things coming full circle. IWBYJR was a book inspired by music ("Don't Take Me For Granted" by Social Distortion and the song "I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone" by Sleater-Kinney) and now it has inspired music! The song is called "My Gorgeous Letdown" (like Johnny's band!) and the lyrics speak volumes about relationships gone sour like Emily and Johnny's.

I've totally fallen in love with this band and encourage you to visit their myspace to listen to more of their songs. I'm psyched because I'm planning to go see them on December 12th, but those of you who live in Chicago and don't have plans this Thursday night, the 13th (I have writing group), go check them out at Abbey Pub.
- Stephanie Kuehnert


My Velouria is an indie rock/pop band from Chicago with new wave/electro influences. My Velouria rose from ex members of local band favorites Starlike Collision and Stiletto Attack. My Velouria's music is a mix of hard hitting lyrics and infectious melodies with just the right amount of dance inspired beats. Singer/songwriter/guitarist, and sometimes bassist, Justine Kope describes the band best as "a little bit of sweetness and whole lotta rock." Yes, these guys definitely rock!

- Reggies Rock House


Debut EP coming soon!



Inspired by musical heroes, the Pixies, My Velouria formed in 2008 with one goal: make them listen! My Velouria is an indie/pop/rock outfit with very diverse musical backgrounds. Singer/songwriter Justine Kope began her musical career at the age of 18 when she taught herself how to play guitar in order to incorporate her many writings. There was only one problem, stage fright. Justine spent the next five years writing songs and finding the courage to sing them live in front of actual people. This goal was finally accomplished in 2003 after joining her first band, Starlike Collision. Starlike Collision soon became local favorites in the chicago music scene playing all over the city and the surrounding suburbs. Accomplishments included MobFest, the Emergenza Music Festival (SLC made it to the semi-finals), and playing with favorites The Reputation (lookout records). Following the break up of this band, there were many hardships and personal losses. Once again, Justine found herself overcoming her fears to begin the next chapter of her musical career. After many solo shows and failed bands, My Velouria took fruition. Pop punk roots gave way to more mature, harder hitting lyrics. Bandmates Katie Kirby and Rhodrick Magsino paved the way to a new musicality with their background in audio at Columbia College. It won't be long til everybody knows our name. My Velouria is a brand new flavor in your ear.