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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Track Of The Day: Myxomatosis"

Today’s Track Of The Day comes courtesy of Maple Leaf proggers Myxomatosis. If this doesn’t give you your prog-rock fix, maybe you should check out Classic Rock’s brand new Prog Special Edition that’s on the newsstands now. Click here for previous Tracks Of The Day.

The first band in the annals of rock to name themselves after a disease that infects rabbits, Myxomatosis are a French-Canadian combo of some considerable potential.

Their self-titled debut album is based around a tale of ‘the typical office worker who has repressed his dreams and ambitions for a long time’.

The worker’s life is transformed when he contracts (you guessed it) myxomatosis from a rabbit bite.

As the disease sets in, the worker finds himself transported to a parallel imaginary world, where he questions his values, desires and aspirations.

Crazy shit, we think you’ll agree. But Myxomatosis carry off their hopping-mad concept with aplomb.

Musically, if you’re a fan of Porcupine Tree then you’re bound to enjoy Myxomatosis. (Who knows, you may even contract a dose of it yourself!)

But there’s more to ‘Myxo’ than first meets the ear.

At times they’re reminiscent of Dream Theater… if DT had grown up listening to Billy Cobham’s jazz-rock masterpiece, Spectrum.

At other times they veer into System Of A Down territory.

Our FREE Track Of The Day download is called Leitmotiv, the brooding, intense and atmospheric closing track from Myxomatosis’s brand new album
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Myxomatosis-Ep 2005
Myxomatosis-Myxomatosis (Album 2009)
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Over the years, hard work and ambition, the rock group Myxomatosis has built quite an original and eclectic sound. Although they have different artistic tastes, the four members of the group were able to join their diverse influences, giving them a unique signature sound. Group members are primarily music lovers passionate about the composition and control of their respective instruments. 
The meeting of Olivier Laroche, drummer, Marc Papillon, guitarist, singer Alexandre Pelletier and bassist Simon Brault was perhaps predestined, but it seems very surprising. Coming from different regions: Olivier is a native of Quebec, Marc and Alexandre from the south shore of Montreal and Simon from the Laurentians region, it is the Cégep Saint-Laurent, in Montreal, which has served as their meeting place.

It is in September 2002 that the musicians cross paths for the first time in the halls of the music department. The current flows immediately between Marc and Olivier who intuitively start playing music together on several occasions. The strong rhythms and guitar surges mix and lay the foundations of Myxomatosis. The drummer, Olivier, who grew up in progressive and rock music, has long dreamed of forming a band. He begins searching for a singer and a bass player. Alexander and later, Simon, therefore join the project. Together, they bring final cohesion to Myxomatosis forming a unique group.

Everyone gets to work, practicing several times a week. After several years of living together, compositions, debates and shaping the music, the quartet storms the Montreal and Quebec City scene. It is by participating in several competitions such as Emergenza and organizing their own concerts that they begin honing their stage performances. The next step is self-evident: the creation of a demo album.

It is with their own equipment that the model takes shape and gives the group a first chance at a valuable recording experience. Added to the seven songs on the album, a music video of the song Losing Control, with spectacular scenes shot under water. Not wanting to keep the result of their efforts silent, the members of the band prepare a launch that has impressed many. This multimedia event included contemporary dancers, circus artists, video displays, live painting and musicians who have made of October 28th 2005, a date that remains engraved in the minds of the 350 spectators and artisans who were present at the prestigious Théâtre Plaza. A very successful Halloween!

The following year, Myxomatosis focuses on the stage and fills several venues such as the Club Soda, the Medley, the Théâtre Plaza for a second time, the Kashmir in Quebec City and many more. It is with this enthusiasm, this technique and originality that Myxo is building a loyal audience that follows the band assiduously and demands a lot more than a simple demo. So, in March 2007, the recording of an album begins. Musical authenticity is very important to every member of the group, which is why they chose to produce themselves with the help of government grants and private investors rather than to entrust the result to a company in the music industry.

Are the guys of Myxomatosis pretentious? Not at all, they are rather ambitious and aware of the talent they have developed individually and as a band. With this first official album, they are now ready to go a step higher in their careers. These young designers have an actual music that addresses universal themes by mixing technology and virtuosity to achieve a result which pushes the boundaries of modern rock. Myxomatosis has now set up a multimedia show that has international potential. By combining a visual quality supported by video, theatrical elements and technological support allowing more complete musical arrangements during shows, the guys from Myxo raise the bar once again, to the delight of their fans. Myxomatosis is definitely a group to follow. Their album launch will take place in spring 2009 and their grand return to Montreal, in fall 2009.
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