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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band Pop Hip Hop


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Mz.Aleigha @ Barnesville Sports Complex

Barnesville, Georgia, USA

Barnesville, Georgia, USA

Mz.Aleigha @ Cherry Street

Macon, Georgia, USA

Macon, Georgia, USA

Mz.Aleigha @ Griffin Skate Inn

Griffin, Georgia, USA

Griffin, Georgia, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



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"Class In Session 6song EP Release Independently *Sold more than 2,000 copies

Too Too's & Tennis Shoes - Mz.Aleigha 2013
Girls Night Out - Mz.Aleigha 2013
Get Your Hands Up - Mz.Aleigha 2013
Touch Down - Mz.Aleigha 2013
Make it Last - Mz.Aleigha 2012
You can Say U Luv Me - Mz.Aleigha 2011
Middle School 2009 Sold More than 1500 copies Independently



Introducing Just What Tomorrows Generation Needs
--Mz. Aleigha

Every now and then a new star emerges fully formed and Mz.Aleigha's one such artist – a genuine new talent has been doing her thing since the rip old age of 11
Mz.Aleigha born Aleigha Wilson Gotell is a breath of fresh air for Hip-Hop. She was raised in a small town that clings to the southern borders of Atlanta Georgia. To only be 15 years old, she’s very grounded and focused on bringing a new view to Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop music is missing something for the today’s youth. The something that let’s them know that it’s ok to love school, make good grades and to be positively influenced by education. Some youth hip-hop artists in the past tried to promote education only a small portion of them showed the fun side of being in school. With Mz. Aleigha times are set to change, the next thing is; do you believe it?? One voice for what tomorrows generation needs and one voice that says it’s cool to be in school. To bridge the gap between the teachings in the classroom and the fame of the music industry, “Uncle Jeff” (Host of the Hip-Hop show called The Underground) described her as “JUST WHAT TOMMOROWS GENERATION NEEDED”. With her brand of Hip-Hop Mz.Aleigha is showing that you can be positive and influential for the preteens and teens of tommorrow..

RedBull for kids is how she classifies her signature sound.With her sassy bratty word play, Aleigha has proven to be a Star Studded Lyricist. You know, positive micro-anthems embodying that basic Hip-Hop grittiness.

Her debut EP Class In Session was recorded 2years ago in her family owned Newbreed Recording Studio. With the hit single Middle School the disc garnered loads of good press. Mz.Aleigha went on the road and won several festivals and talent shows while introducing kids to her smart alec rymes and whit. Totally Hip-Hop; Totally a female and totally positive...Yeah Baby!!

Since hitting the music scene 2years ago she has continually expanded her horizons, doing shows and captivating audiences through out the Middle Georgia area in her quest to become the "Black Hannah Montana". She's been foutunate enough to perform with some of the other up and coming child stars through out Georgia.

Ultimately its Aleigha's live show that generates the most enthusiatic reviews. With her swagg and legendary dress code Aleigha impresses the crowds with grown up stage presence. She commands attention and will not stop until you give it to her. Armed with the mic and her power stance Mz.Aleigha hits the stage set it on fire and leave it for the fire fighters to put out....Hip-Hop most certainly has its "Princess".

Mz. Aleigha is promoting positivity and fun. Mz.Aleigha and NewBreed Records is making a personal mission to shed light on what today’s youth need. They need a positive role model or a voice to speak for them. Gifted with all the tools to make this ambassadorship a reality her musical roots run deep. Her grand father was a talented jazz musician and her father is the owner of NewBreed Records and a hip-hop artist. Aleigha’s father is “Da ONE” CEO of NewBreed Records and they are both preparing for a string of summer releases from Mz. Aleigha’s .There is no lacking of talent for this young starlet; what ever she sets her mind to do she’ll do it.

With her debut EP “CLASS IN SESSION” Aleigha has built a following like none other. With the release of her new singles "You my favorite" and "Make it Last" Aleigha sheds positive light on having that teenage crush and gives you pointers on how to make it last....

Her new power single Girls Night Out is set to be the next release and promises to be a club anthem for all girls and women alike...

Again Just What Tomorrow’s Generation Needs
Mz Aleigha