Jackson, Tennessee, USA
BandHip Hop

Im an independent female thriving to keep real music and artist alive. I currently host an internet radio show for my independent artist around the world


GeTDoeMusic Presents

Now ask yourself Who is Jamece MzBombayDaRapDiva Jones ?? This independent female is the true definition of what a Diva with swag should be with versatile flows and a style Mzbombay can call her own DaRapDiva is definitley ready to take the world and industry by storm. Representin da Midwest(Gary In,Chicago,Calumet City,Dolton) 2 Da fullest she has very close ties 2 Da South(Jackson Tn,Mississippi,Memphis Tn,Nashville Tn,Atlanta,Houston Tx, New Orleans) with a networking system so strong how could you deny the underground movement . MzBombay started GetDoeMusicRadio a show dedicated to the real streets and hoods nationwide she is streaming live Sun-Fri 11pm -12pm to be heard and giving the hood a chance 2 be heard in the internet world and via cell phones MzBombaby is definitley puting in work and grindin her way 2 the top!!Mzbombay has opened up for rappers like Yo-Gotti,8Ball&MJG,Nelly (2001 Source Awards Afterparty )and many more up and coming djs and rappers. Mzbombay has definitley showed love to the hood with GetDoeMusicRadio/GetDoeMusicEnt . Mzbombay is a Single Mother of 1/ Ceo/Writer/Publisher/Singer of her own music. Who said women can't be their own boss?? . MzGetDoe is definitley about her bizness with modeling and cosmetology a major part of DaRapDiva's resume MzBombay is a multi tasker ready to take on any situation. She is the new voice for single,independent,classy,jazzy,and sassy women around the world with hit singles Dem Hoes,Get Em Girls,Unbeweavable,Switch Ya Hips,In Da Closet ,and Respect Yaself just 2 name a few of Mzbombay hit songs coming off her highly anticipated album ''City Girl Country Wayz'' Mzbombay has a single for any situation with the smash hit ''I Got Da Game", Getcha Weight Up'', and Please Believe hit songs dedicated to da streets DaRapDiva has what it takes to trend set and make a difference in lives of others that can relate to her musical content real life situations from any aspect . MzBombay has proven that she is versatile enough to go from the north 2 da south and make a difference in the game by reachin audiences in da ghettos nationwide. MzBombay is definitley apart of Hip Hop future and is starting a movement that you can't deny !!!!!


City Girl Country Wayz, I Got Da Game,No Pity,Get Em Girls,Getcha Weight Up,Respect Yaself,We Ride We Roll