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MIZeRY ReCORDS creates new avenues of "Innovation for the Music Industry". MIZeRY ReCORDS was founded in 2004 by Michael “MIZeRY” Izzo as a solution to the “secret society” of the music business. While he was still in high school Michael had aspirations to work in the music industry as a professional recording artist. However, always one to view his work from all angles he began to study the music industry itself by researching business, marketing, and promotion. He learned that some of the prerequisites that most record labels follow are primarily based on an artist’s established reputation and references. Any artist must be able to independently sell a minimum of 10,000 CDs, have performing experience with a following in multiple states/cities, and maintain a professional press kit with a marketable music video. In most cases an artist must also have the right connections or references to be considered for a professional contract in the music industry. This approach, while a safe method, creates a ‘secret society’ within the business that isolates and often overlooks a pool of artists with platinum-selling potential. As of late 2007 we have been establishing a reputation both nationally and internationally. We would like for our supporters not just to be fans of great music but a variety of corporations, record labels, and even have the support from political figures who continually attempt to censor music. We feel that gaining the support of as many companies and people as possible will greatly assist in furthering our business. In 2008 Michael “MIZeRY” Izzo decided to study and create innovating avenues to assist in revolutionizing music distribution. Here is a list of some of those ways: MIZeRY ReCORDS has produced a 20-Track Compilation Album with the company’s artists and Producer’s and several features to promote music and its business. The Compilation Album will display songs from four albums: MIZeRY’s Debut Solo Album “No More Running”. MIZeRY ReCORDS will also feature some of its artists like DaRedANT, Brittles aka dapinkant the first Lady of the company, and a Production CD by Greg “Hev” Duval. All four albums are anticipated to drop shortly after the compilation album. MIZeRY also created a new Sub-Division of RAP. Instead of Rhythm And Poetry he created “Rhythmic Acting Poetry. The Difference: MIZeRY who has written music for over eight years, takes pieces of his life, experiences, close associates lives, or a life style he could have pursued and shares them through musical stories to tell his life’s story while educating all about real life situations. In other words he is (Acting) out life styles of his own or others through (Rhyming Poetry). MIZeRY Brings a wide range of Unique, Intelligent, Diversity to the world of music. He has also studied the business aspects of the music industry and is currently studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management to assist in expanding his business. The focus of MIZeRY ReCORDS is to design and create innovating business avenues to search for undiscovered artists and to expand the way in which music is created and sold. A wide range of our clients and business associates can all be seen on our official web page at www.mizeryrecords.com. However, our web page is currently being redesigned and more of our industry clients will be uploaded in 2010. To see our full fledged Electronic Press Kit and some of our clients please visit our official Myspace page at Myspace.com/mizeryrecords. We are also displayed on one of several other sites such as; www.myspace.com/dhmusicstore, www.youtube.com search (MIZeRYReCORDS), www.zoomoozik.com/mizeryrecords, or check us out at www.purevolume.com/mizery.


1. The Offering (A Tribute)

Written By: M|ZeRY

M|ZeRY “The Offering (A Tribute)”


Imm Baaaaaacckkk.. hahaha, oh shit, and you really thought I was done..

M|ZeRY, Yaa

Take the pen to the pad, Cause this all I know/
I write hundreds of lyrics, And this is how I flow/
If you really wanna roll/
Then be ready in 5,
Cause im already on the road/

This is my offering/
So fuck all of you assholes/
Who wanna stop me now/

I Ain’t ever slowing down/

Im a money making machine/
There Ain’t nobody hotter than me/
My name is MIZeRY/
Im the best at this shit G/

And I will never shut my mouth, if you unplug my MICS Cord/

I’ll be busting down ya door/
With my chrome forty four/
Pointed at ya nosebone/

I need to take a break/ NO WAIT!

Im not built for Society/ This is not a Fantasy/ For Me/ Its all Real Life,
Without music in my life/ I could drop dead Tonight/

Im tired of all the fighting/ Just to survive/ To live and Die another night/

I love making money/ Im in control of my own destiny/
Yo Fifty, Holla At me/

Aside from all of my Skills/ I Have Sev –er – all/
Million Dollar Deals/ That I know I can sell/

Im a Natural Born Hustler/ Its Natural and comes from each of my stem cells/

Etched in my DNA/
Pumped in my Veins/
While it flows through my Blood Stream/

Im ready to explode/
All over this Microphone/

Don’t take this so literally/ Cause im not showing you this sexually/

I used to love banging hoes/ An addiction that comes and goes/
Do you think I really care if I spit this fast or slow/

Fuck No/ Go for Broke/ Steal Away his show/
Take the limelight, from Eminem/ Just for a few minutes/
So I could really feel what it’s like just to live in it/

If it wasn’t for your music kid/
I probably would have,
slit my wrist/ Back in school, on some real shit/

I was built for this kitchen/ Back then, I Never understood it/ But I learned to embrace it/

*** Eminem (Dispicable Sample)****

Im ready for any heat/
No matter what you could throw at me/
Ill be ready for to overcome any kind of adversity/
I was built Flawlessly/ Im filled with such diversity/

With those two combined,
Its damn near impossible to try to ever defeat me/

Fuck playin the same/
I’ve already made a new game/

Cause I’m sick of all the Garbage/ Im famished/ Yo Fif, put me in this shit kid/
Im ready to do some Damage/

No matter how far I go,
I will never forget my homies/
As long as you have my back, I will always have yours/
I was born to pop off/

Let’s keep this shit neutral/
I don’t want it to get brutal/
Stopping me is Futile/
These words keep my vitals stable/

Hip Hop is my opportunity/ for a better life for my people and me/

So instead of being the problem,
Start being the solution/
And if you thought for a second/
I didn’t know you were talking about me on despicable/ as if you were invisible/

Heres something spiritual/
I will never beef with you/ but if you’re to scared to mention my name its cool/
Because I don’t want to attain, any fame, from you/
Here are my last words for you/

Im glad you’re back on your feet/
You remembered to stay strong, in you biggest time of need/
Do me one favor please/
Google MIZeRY ReCORDS, cause that’s how you can find me/

MIZeRY – Speaks to his fans and Homies…

3. No More Running

Written By: M|ZeRY

M|ZeRY – “3. No More Running”

Verse 1:

Intro: This is a tale that I’ve never told before. This was my life before the age of 12, And I’m Coming for the top with this one man.

So Go Ahead,

Impair my ability, cause I’ll never stop rhyming G/
This is in my blood stream/

It was injected into my veins/
When I was just a little mannn/

Even thought my family was fucked,

I was born & raised a catholic/
I was raised by two grand parents/

Confession, was on Saturdays/
I went to church on Sundays/

Cause that’s the day you worship god,
And be forgiven for your sins/

It’s so hard for me to win/

Especially, since I have good intentions/
The majority of this planet/
Hate it, when optimism happens/

Im sick of all the pessimism/
Im so sick of this fucking system/
That society makes us live in/

Whatever Happened to being free?/
Oh Wait! That’s right,
Cause freedom was never meant to be free/

It was just a bunch of bullshit,
That they all lead us to believe/

Back in the days,
Maybe about the seventh grade/

I heard the real slim shady/
A couple years after that, I was living with all this MIZeRY/
So I started writing rhymes, and I was working Hardbody/

Cause, ever since that day/
I’ve wanted a part of this game/

I started Masterminding MY – OWN – WAY/
Up into this GAME/

And during all my trials,
I think I’ve gone a bit CRAZY/

As I was changing all these ways/
About the Mother Fucking Game/

I Promise you all this,
That I will never chase this fame/

The one rule that I’ve Made/
Is that I Shall remain true/
Anytime I step in this Booth/

I honestly do believe that,

I used to be in my prime/
When I was bumping Eminem Rhymes/

My motivations/ Diminished/
But, it will never be extinguished/
I’m Still working on Investments/

To get this music thing going,

Trust me, I Ain’t ever gonna stop

Writing down these rhymes/
That manifest themselves up in my mind/

I’m Developing this story,
Everytime I write a new line/

Without Music in my life/
I could drop dead on a dime/


What do you know, and what do you know/ About this life//
Im Done Running,
Im here for good this time/

I Don’t care what you say, Imma Keep making my rhymes/

And just so you know, I’ll Still be here, After I die/

When I turned 12, I became a Mastermind/

Verse 2:

At writing these rhymes/
Im Sick, Back on my grind/

From the Hook into this verse/
I’ve always had this blood thirst/
To be nothing but number 1 first/

Ever since I was age 12,

I was built to be competitive/
If you don’t speak any intelligence/
Then I won’t be comprehensive/
To you, I’ll just keep on ignoring you/

Like you don’t even exist/
Until you just give up and quit/

Because you’re way to fucking pissed/
To deal with any of my adolescence/

As the clock strikes 12,
You’ll see my arrogance – Diminish/

| POOF | Then I Vanish

JUST – Like a MAGIC Trick/

When my skills come out,
You know it’s after 12 – O,Clock/

Yo, when the dj turns the music on,
And let’s this record drop/
I’ll have the whole crowd going crazy, swinging from my cock/

I Can mix so many words/
That they can never even be purged/
From any of my verses/ That I kick,
And fall within my scriptures/

If I Paint a verbal picture/
Will you then be able to interpret/

The wisdom in which im giving you/
If you ever put me into power,

I Shall remain true/
To each and everyone of you/

Including me, for all eternity/

And just so you all know,

I have sworn to inherit,
Each and every bit of your mizery/
So you can all live more peacefully/

So I ask you lord,
Will you grant me this opportunity/

To start saving some lives/
Up until now,
I felt worthless and didn’t really know what to do with my spare time/

The one thing I demand is,
If you dare judge these lines/
Before you understand my rhymes/
I’ll unleash hell upon you all for the rest of your lives/


What do you know, and what do you know/ About this life//
Im Done Running,
Im here for good this time/

I Don’t care what you say, Imma Keep making my rhymes/

And just so you know, I’ll Still be here, After I die/

When I turned 12, I became a Mastermind/


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Newest LP - "No More Running" Release Date June 3rd, 2010.

Set List

1. Dj Booth
2. MIN 2 Wireless Microphones
3. MIN 3 - Tweeters & Drivers
4. 3 - Subwoofers
5. Turn Tables
6 Full Equipment Setup for performances
7. Stage
8. Payment - $1000 MIN per show. (Depends on Location)
9. MIN of 20 Guests
10. VIP Room
11. Artist and Artist Entourage have no Clothing requirements.
12. 18+ at all performances
13. MISC - Will negotiate per offer.