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On Friday night at the Debonair Social Club, two fiery rap acts dished out their own versions of riot grrl. Detroit duo Mz. Jonz swaggered on stage, grabbed its mics, and began volleying vivacious verses punctuated with grins and call and responses. Unable to resist, the crowd surged along with the duo's carousing country flow. - Chris Catania

"OUR VOICES" A BLGBT CD Compilation Series, Musicity: Nashville, TN"

OUR VOICES" A BLGBT CD Compilation Series, Musicity: Nashville, TN

The purpose behind these underground CD's is to inspire Black Same Gender Loving listeners to support the musical and spoken word talents of artist within the African American Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender community. This disc is not simply a bootleg, but an honest attempt to share our lives and stories in a way that empowers & entertains. By providing each artists contact information, it is our hope that people become familiar with each work and recognize "our" material universally. We encourage you to purchase what you like, and show your support for the artist financially.

Our CD contains adult lyrics, depictions of violence, same sex relations and substance use content that is not intended for listeners under 18. The CD includes Spoken Word, R& B, House, Hip Hop, Rap, Gospel and Comical themed songs which have been compiled to appeal to a diverse audience of SGL/LGBT People of Color. All material is protected by copyright law and by international treaties. These Compilation CDs are for promotional use only! There intent is to help each artist get their work out and spark interest & sales from listeners. You may not otherwise sell, publicly perform, publicly display, or create derivative works of this material, unless authorized by the appropriate copyright owner(s). Note: Many artists provide free MP3s and samples of their work via the internet. Please check them out and help spread the news.

Dwayne's Rainbow Rhythm Rotations

Disclaimer: I am not a DJ, and don't consider this list of my personal favorites as the "be all"
ranking source of Black LGBT Music. Of course, I'm not sure if another one even exists, but that's
neither here or there. I've always appreciated a wide variety of music styles. Growing up in the
Bronx I was exposed to everything! I woke up to Latin music on the weekend, my Mom loved
jazz, my Father listens to just about everything, and I was a Disco/dance R & B/Pop lover. I like
my music as diverse as I like my friends, and don't apologize for jumping around from classical to
house, to spoken word, to rock and so forth. Yeah, some of the material included on these CD's
may be more raw, use the "N" word, and other slangs that I don't necessarily use on a everyday
basis, but that is what makes our music interesting. I simply wanted to share some of the Same
Gender Loving material that I jam to at home, in the car, and at work with people who have
similar tastes and for those that didn't know that there was such a diverse market of SGL
music/spoken word. As I continue to purchase material, old & new, I hope that you follow along
and get inspired to check these artists out and support their efforts. They are singing and
speaking our truth in OUR VOICES.

Bump & Grind Grooves

1 Jesse Afriyie Ooh U 1
2 Aaron Carl Just Like 2
3 Mz. Jonz Get Nasty 3
4 Pink Tee Punk of the South 4
5 Tori Fixx Tipsy 1
6 Anthony Antoine Ass 1
7 Dalyrical They Wantin' This 5
8 TAB ft. Smoke We Like Dem Boyz 1
9 Phylle Hood Karma Sutra 3
10 Karter Whatcha gonna do for me? 10
- Dwayne's Rainbow Rhythm Rotations


"This Side Of Me" mixtape released July 2008
"Swagga"-current single with radio play on WJLB
"Love Jonz Vol 1"-mixtape released May 2005
"Take Me As I Am"-full length cd released Dec 2004



You can call this lyricist Shayvonna or Mz Jonz but don't ever call her a rapper. A true to the heart Capricorn, she insists on giving listeners more than they're used to hearing these days. "I want people to know hip-hop hasn't left, it’s just been hiding for a while waiting for me to get right!”

Shayvonna started her career by entering talent shows doing covers of her favorite hip-hop songs by such artists as MC Lyte, A Tribe Called Quest, KRS-One, Rakim and Slick Rick. One of the prizes she received was a new stereo with a microphone; this led to her recording her own lyrics over b-side instrumentals. Friends and family began taping her songs and playing them at parties and the magic began. With a quick wit and smooth delivery, she kept audiences captivated and entertained with her exciting stage presence.

She linked up with Black Label CEO and producer, Walt “Dolla” Russell in 2003, and began recording tracks which eventually turned into her being signed to the label and releasing her first album. In November of 2004 “Take Me As I Am” was released and with the publicity stirring around her first release Shayvonna sought management in Kimberly Jones of Pink Ice Promotions. At the end of her contract with Black Label decided to switch her name to MZ JONZ and change her persona.

Shayvonna (Mz Jonz) now works under the musical direction of Gotta Love It Records, with mc/producer and Co-Ceo of F.I.T.T. who produced the first Mz Jonz mix tape, Love Jonz Volume 1 the soon to be released mix tape, “This Side Of Me” and the duo dubbed Chozen 2’s “Mismatch” EP.

Mz Jonz’s demand for showcases and appearances has landed her in various cities in the US like New York City and Tennessee, and her music is traveling both nationally and abroad. Her songs have appeared on compilation albums in the south and UK. Mz Jonz is set to release a number of musical triumphs in 2009 including her highly anticipated album, Here On My Own. With constant play of “Swagga” single, picking up it’s only a matter of time before the world is exposed to what they’ve been yearning for.