Mz Led

Mz Led


All Girl Tribute to Led Zeppelin


The dream of Mz Led was born sometime in June of 2007 in Hollywood CA
It was not an easy task to find talented, good-looking woman for this project.
Finally on April 2008 Leanne (Drums) Wade (Vocals) Melanie (Bass) and Barbara (Guitar)
formed the current lineup.
They soon settled into a powerful group, that pays tribute to one of the greatest rock bands in history…
Led Zeppelin.

They want to capture not only the accuracy of the tunes but the feeling and integral instinct that Led Zeppelin had as band.
Mz Led has played numerous hot spots around Southern California with an explosive live show attracting large crowds and live audience wanting more!
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Set List

1. Immigrant Song
2. Communication Breakdown
3. Houses of the Holy
4. Black Dog
5. Over the hills and Far Away
6. Out on the tiles
8. Heart Breaker
9 .Living Loving Maid
10. Ramble on
11. Misty Mountain Hop
12. Four Sticks
13. Rock'n Roll
14. The Ocean
15. Dyer Maker
16. Whole lotta love
17. Bring it on Home
18. Stairway to Heaven
19. Good Times Bad Times
20. Moby Dick
21. Hots on for nowhere