Mz Unique

Mz Unique

 Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Young, original hiphop from a confident teenage female perspective.


18 year old Alexis Fowler, aka Mz Unique is one of hip-hop’s most dynamic up and coming artists. Mz Unique started performing at age 10 in school and church talent shows where she began to be recognized for her ability to perform in front of large audiences.

Once the interest of the Music industry was sparked, Mz Unique studied some of the a musicians that caught her attention such as: Jay-z, Kanye West and even R&B artists such as Beyonce’ and Alicia Keys. Mz Unique’s style was infused with heartfelt messages from experiences she gained at a young age while living with her mother. She began expressing her creativity through her music by creating confident, up-tempo jams while still being able to have her listeners connect emotionally when she is speaking on topics that she feels strongly about.

Destined to be heard to be heard Mz Unique began putting together her own cd’s and distributing them independently. With the mixtape side of the industry being at an all time high she began making appearances on different DJ’s Mix cd’s and creating her own, competing with some of the best Unsigned talent. “Whether an artist is signed to a major label or not, the best way for an artist to boost their popularity in hip-hop is by being consistent with mixtapes” is a quote from Mz Unique in which she has been living up to.

Mz Unique is currently promoting her new project “Show Me My Opponent” and is featured on over 30 CD’s in all. With her name buzzing throughout the states it is almost impossible to believe that she was born in the small town of Muskogee, OK. This really shows how many people she has reached and solidifies her spot in the industry. Being played on radio’s across the U.S from Oklahoma to New York, from California to Georgia has strengthened in turning Mz Unique into a household name.

After recently opening up for Interscope/Collipark music recording artist Soulja Boy, Mz Unique is currently promoting her new project “Show Me My Opponent” which was released March 7, 2008


"Mindin My Business" and "Killin me" currently played on radio's through out the US. Both songs are included on her most recent project "Show Me My Opponent"

Music also in rotation on different school related radio stations at College and Highschool levels. ex:(88.7 WDXU Duke Univ. Radio, 107.9 WELV Ellenville Higschool NY)

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Mindin' My Business
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(Chant, Crowd involvement)
Pro In The Game