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Written By: Andre Rainey

I Pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
And to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under God....

I am a Voice
For my soldiers on the block working every night
For my soldiers in the war fighting the endless fight
For the children hearing shots almost everynight
Scared to death as Momma holds you tight and says "You'll be alrght."
I'm a soldier
And when I speak my voice will be heard!
I am homeless
And when I speakd my voice will be heard!
And when I speak my voice will be heard
Or we'll UNITE and tear this place down that's my word!

[verse 1]
Mr. Government I'm a citizen in this country of yours
Though it seems as if this country's just yours
I can't get passed the prejudice guard dog in your yard to knock on your door
But come outside please, look at all these bums on the floor
Streets are dirty, mothers are crying cause there sons are at war!
Fighting terrorism, no they're not, they're fighting for oil
We know what's going on Mr. Government, we've studied the facts
Now it's time you work for us now, and pay us all back
(American Dream)
That's what we thought the U.S. was
But living here's a nightmare, we're losing too much blood
We're supposed to make peace so we're in the mix in the drama
In other country's, in '94 we ain't help out Rwanda!
Was it skin color? Because they lost their children, their Mothers
Their Fathers, and we're too busy looking for oil hiding Osama!
What about our education and straight 'A' students
That luanch bombs, minipulated by this 'American Pride'?
What about the husbands and wives that are losing their lives
To your command, has anybody in your family died?
Has anybody in your family been denied of a job
Because their skin color being a little on the darker side?
Has your family been working for pay below the minimum wage
Because they came from another country and it be ok?
Mr. Government this country is ours
United we stand, divided we fall, well that explains our towers!!!
I am a voice!