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iNNATE captures his audience with a crowd participating high energy performance. With a smooth transition iNNATE is able to keep the attention of his listeners and go into a deep testimony of his life growing up and revealing the love that found him.



Nathan was born into a dysfunctional family. He was raised around drugs in an abusive atmosphere and soon found he wanted something more. He would often use his Christian friend's house as a way to escape the drama at home. He soon gave his life to God as a full sacrifice and stood in the gap for his family. When his close friend, who led him to the Lord, was killed in an accident Nathan made a decision to share the gospel and love of Christ to the lost; just as his friend Joshua had done for him.

At a young age, Nathan involved himself with a children's ministry that took him many places around the States. But going into high school Nathan seemed to be walking away from God, getting into drugs and sexual immorality. After dropping out of high school he found himself at the bottom, able only to call out on Jesus. After being revived, Nathan chose to bear the cross and join the ministry of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through rap music.

Today, Nathan is working full time in the music ministry. He has recently become a D.J. for BEC recording artist Benjiman. He also independently produces and promotes his own CDs. His passion is to serve people with the love of Christ through his music and actions.
And he who does not pick up my cross and follow after Me (Christ) is not worthy of Me.
Mathew 10:28



Written By: iNNATE

I didn’t come here to be famous
I came to take this
Aim this, one shot, to God
Yall aindt fellen me oh well
His grace fall like rain
your mercy hovers like a haze
in every way on every day
in and out or your presence got me learnen lessons
Im confessen you’re a legend
I vote you president, you’re my medicine
And the evidence to my, 2 my my question
Pop quiz, oh wait
I think its obvious, what the answer is
To my full time biz
Liften up the praizez, while we wonder through lifes mazes
Its amazen, that’s why Im beggen, please sho up my lord


Hallelujah, praise your name
I worship you, you’re my every thing
More precious then diamonds and pearls
I would geve it all up just to be in your world
You stole my heart with just
One touch
Now Im in love, and I cant get enough
Your one of a kind, the sparkle in my eye
You treat me write when you hold me tight
You let me know every thing gone be
Ok my son
And I know,
you love me so much you would give all up
just to so me luv
so hear I am, and even if I cant sing on
Im a give it all I got.


Please except this praze my lord
Please except these words my lord
Please except these this song my lord

Holy are you names
Chief corner stone
Lamb of god
Bright morning star
King of kings
And the prince of peace
My redeemer
Everlasting father
Holy son
Rose of Sharon
The bread of life
And the sunshine
Lion of juda
Solid anchor
Jahova jira, my messiah
You’re the way the trueth and the light
You’re the way
You’re the trueth
You’re the light.



Written By: innate $ kurious

all I know is how to flow, be about my fathers business and rock the show spit my rhymes and glow like a radiation show, tell me am I wrong for being who I am, Like I am sam love by my fans disliked by my peers, should I fear for being right right here/ So we roll up to the festival, some looking at us like that’s a fool, all because their style aint flexible, but the don’t really know what we came to do, to us this aint no competition, cuz we both called on a mission, convert atheist into Christian, through their head phones on their disc man/ Hook: underground, wants to battle me, mainstream, wants God out of me, everywhere I go, and everywhere I flow, battle me, wants God out of me/
Im so kurious if they see the innate gift in you and me, do they think we are not mc's got no skills like napoleon d, We them southern Oregon county boys, in the studio just making that noise, letting people know that they have a choice, so they don’t be dumb like hairy and loyd,that our play to fill them with joy get them employed in the business of feeling emptiness but you rather battle me to see if Im an mc So we advertise Christ constantly, like jello gigglers and Bill Cosby, cuz our purpose is for all to see, not to win a battle that means nothing/ Bridge: yes I got soul, no I’m not a soldier, yes I got flow, no I wont battle you/*2/ we all about our Gods business, cuz we not all about all these politics, only if we would drop our pride and network, we could watch this ministry just outvert/*2/


Written By: innate and kurious

Ive been told rap is secular, so don’t use Jesus and just shut up, just get in and claim the set you love, Why, so I can get picked up with a spatula, nah that aint what im about, cuz I aint hear to follow the crowd, and I don’t get high just like the clouds, just clean the world like tide and shout, this is more then a epidemic this Jesus Christ world wide, from the nook to the crannys, from the nobel to gammys to the grannies who cant stand me, to all my peeps who are fans of me, its all about Jesus and how he wants to free us, even if you dont believe us/HOOK: if jseus aint in it they we aint about it, if hope aint it then we Aint about it no way no how no way, Every where I go every where I flow every where i show its all about the lord now Im back home and Im all alone but my cd's spreading like them mp3 saven more souls more souls without me, panoramic ministry, spreading seed in the is industry from the under ground to the main stream.Well probably never ever make it big, cuz all we rap is all about him, you could come try and blow my house in, but not by the hair on my chinny chin chin, cuz we both stand on the rock, cuz that’s just how how we talk, and that’s just how how we walk, cuz well never ever neglect our God,You could ask us to take the Jesus out, but that’s like a shower without a towel, just like the sour without the crout, cuz without him we don’t know how, cuz he is the one that keeps us moving, with love in our hearts just like cupid, to roll without him would be so stupid, so we keep it Jesus and hope that you dig bridge: I want to make this pandemic take this out my basement take it to the world


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Set List

up to hour set.