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Naamleela Free Jones

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"Naamleela is a unique artist, firmly grounded in the spiritual reality. Her playing is sensitive and intelligent and she composes with a focus of attention and receptiveness which I wish I could claim as my own. She never forgets the Beautiful and what she makes is Beauty."

- Ray Lynch, platinum-selling composer of Deep Breakfast, No Blue Thing


"It is fitting that Naamleela Free Jones resides in Fiji, between East and West because she effortlessly draws from many world influences. Her music always evokes a straight forward spiritual depth whether she is playing classical Western piano, Indian music influenced melodies or her own unique compositions that draw on contemporary influences. Some of my favorites are the simple chanting on "Ishta Da" and the "Ruchira Avatara Gita"- these recordings I can hear over and over and they remain fresh and true to the Indian Bhakti tradition even thought they are not strictly and only Indian. On "Eyes in Other Worlds" at times I feel I am hearing shades of transcendental pop like we heard from the Beatles on "St. Pepper's" or "Magical Mystery Tour". The melodies are haunting but very accessible and throughout the recording her varied influences come through, but never in a forced way. Her classical piano playing is also beautifully done and serves to demonstrate that Naamleela is a remarkable talent at home in many styles and playing the song of bliss without any other agenda." - John Wubbenhorst, bansuri flautist, founder of Facing East


"Naamleela's music is a new inspiration. Artful play, prayerful art, her sound reveals an honest, heart-felt expression rooted in her formidable devotional training of both Eastern and Western music. "Eyes In Other Worlds" is a seamless and fused musical orchestration. The clear bell-like tone of her voice and the architectural structure of her composition create a musical space to hold Adi Da Samraj's ecstatic words drawing the listener in, and thus out of mere sentimentality. Here there is a depth of soul, a pervasive and unifying heart in Naamleela's music." - Nick Milo, keyboardist for the Tower of Power, Joe Cocker


"Eyes in Other Worlds"by Naamleela Free Jones is a ground-breaking record. Rarely, if ever, is profoundly sacred poetry combined with elements of pop, western classical and carnatic music successfully. Utilising a tasteful combination of electronics, Indian instruments, cello, flute, piano and beautiful vocal harmonies, Naamleela has created the first formal installation in what promises to be a series of uniquely sacred and tasteful contemplative works using a combination of modern and traditional styles. When listening to some of the more powerful Vedic or Tibetan Buddhist chanting for example, one can be filled with a heightened sense of the Sacred Presence. Naamleela is Blessed to convey this Sacred Presence directly, whilst experimenting in new forms of its expression, which at times rocks, at times swoons, and at times conducts a stillness beyond its own movements." - Matthew Nicholson, founder of band "Function"


"Eyes In Other Worlds is one of my favorite records. Naamleela did an amazing job writing and performing music to the ecstatic poetry of Adi Da Samraj. There is so much heart felt feeling in the songs, that it always brings me to a place I want to be. "What Will You Do If You Love Me?" is one of the most heart moving songs to listen to. I really love it. It will be in my regular listening stack for a long time. Thank you." - Jack Irons, drummer for Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam


Eyes In Other Worlds, 2005

Hers To Me (Devotional and Meditative Renditions of Western Piano Classics), 1997

Bach In Time (Improvisations on the Preludes of J.S. Bach), 2000

Ruchira Avatara Gita (The Way of the Divine Heart-Master), 2001

Ishta Da (Original Devotional Chants with Tamarind Free Jones), 2004

Da Naama Mantra (with Felix Woldenberg), 2006

Hers To Me 2 (New Devotional and Meditative Renditions of Western Piano Classics), 2007



Born in 1980, Naamleela has lived most of her life on the sacred island of Naitauba in Fiji. She has been trained as a sacred musician since the age of five, concentrating in both Western and Indian classical music. While travelling California, Hawaii, New York, and Europe, she has received training from numerous sources and influences. Most recently she received a master certificate in music production through the Berklee College of Music Online. She now composes, performs, and produces all of her own music from Fiji. Her albums range from classical piano to devotional chanting, and are all offered in the disposition of communion with the Divine.