Naamleela Free Jones

Naamleela Free Jones


Naamleela Free Jones is a singer/composer/pianist trained all her life in sacred music. She does not perform live, but produces her music from a private spiritual retreat in the Fiji Islands. Her albums cover a range of Eastern and Western styles with unique beauty and versatile talent.


Born in 1980, Naamleela has lived most of her life on the sacred island of Naitauba in Fiji. She has been trained as a sacred musician since the age of five, concentrating in both Western and Indian classical music. While travelling California, Hawaii, New York, and Europe, she has received training from numerous sources and influences. Most recently she received a master certificate in music production through the Berklee College of Music Online. She now composes, performs, and produces all of her own music from Fiji. Her albums range from classical piano to devotional chanting, and are all offered in the disposition of communion with the Divine.


Eyes In Other Worlds, 2005

Hers To Me (Devotional and Meditative Renditions of Western Piano Classics), 1997

Bach In Time (Improvisations on the Preludes of J.S. Bach), 2000

Ruchira Avatara Gita (The Way of the Divine Heart-Master), 2001

Ishta Da (Original Devotional Chants with Tamarind Free Jones), 2004

Da Naama Mantra (with Felix Woldenberg), 2006

Hers To Me 2 (New Devotional and Meditative Renditions of Western Piano Classics), 2007