NAB utilizes electronic instruments, tools, keyboards, computers, drums, and cymbals. Their live shows are high energy, combining Dance, Hip-hop, Glitch sounds, and Drum 'n' Bass, all using live electronics and acoustic drums.


Formed in 2004 in the suburbs of Chicago, NAB has creatively applied many of the contemporary genres in music today.

With the combination of modern technology and acoustic instruments, they have created a large livetronic show, performing composed songs, while still allowing for improvisation.

Their training in acoustic instruments has evolved into a adaption to the modern music world, using computers and electronics, to create a truly unique show.

Currently, NAB is creating their debut album, titled "2007". The album will portray electronic music, primarily influenced by such artists as Squarepusher, LTJ Bukem, Telefon Tel Aviv, Prefuse 73, the Glitch Mob, and Sound Tribe Sector 9. There is much more to come from NAB.


NAB's debut LP, "2007" will be released this coming winter.

Set List

The typical NAB setlist is different at every show, consisting of original songs such as:

Conrete, Magnavox, 2007, C.F.S.P, Played in Town, Up by Two, Cyan Monday, Technemeove, Deerfields, Jay at 2, LPR, Not Up, OGoodS, Taylor, Burning Rocks, Attrapez, Tortuga, and many more.

The show can range from about 1 to 4 hours, and is opened for improvisation throughout the show. The shows typically take place in a continuous flow of music, with little breaks.