Raw intense structure with that elusive aestheic pleasure. Extremely engaging and eclectic, this band is really on their way to builing their own place in Rock N Roll History with their etheral guitars, visceral yet melodic vocals and jamming rhythm section, this band will show you a good deep time


Nacosta, which means anything and everything you want it to be or mean, has been creating a unique sound described as spacey/folk rock/shoegaze. The band located in Los Angeles, CA transcends numerous genres. Nacosta was formed in early 2007 by four friends with like-minded ambitions and goals. The band currently Consists of Ron McBain, Brandon Graham and Sean Elstein.
Then in a twist of fate, Graham renewed his friendship after two years with Sean Elstein, with whom he had been in bands with for many years. Graham introduced Elstein to McBain and the three began writing songs together. Elstein contributed strong melodic vocals and catchy songwriting to the group and officially joined Nacosta in late May 2008. The trio's dedication and persistance has paid off, as stylistically daring and unique songwriting in the sound development of Nacosta has since been produced and developed.

Set List

Can be anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour. Setlists vary as we like to change up every night. We currently play 0 covers, so in turn we play 100% originals.